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Brett Favre’s Return and The Gunslinger Goes Dirty

September 1, 2009

I hope nobody hits me, I'll crap myself

I hope nobody hits me, I'll crap myself

Well crikey, Brett Favre, the annointed one, made his triumphant return to football last night. What’s that you say, he’s played in the othr preseason games, well it doesn’t matter. He played the whole first half last night. I’m not really on the whole hating Favre bandwagon, but that’s not to say that if the Vikings plane crashed and everybody survived but him, that it would have any negative emotional impact on me. I just wish he would stay retired for once. With a little luck Peyton is going to break all his records, but Interceptions anyways so why keep padding your stats.

Favre finished 13-18 for 142 yards with one TD. Nothing spectacular, but pretty solid for a guy about to turn 40 and in only one half. But I don’t see how a QB can’t have good game when you hand off to Adrian “Purple Jesus” Peterson. The guy had 11 carries for 117yds and 1TD, including a 75yd rumble down the field for TD on the first play of the game.

But the game was not without controversy though. In the third quarter during one of the teams attempts at the aborted fetus offense known as the Wildcat, he lined up out wide. As the play progressed, he threw an illegal crackback block on Vikings safety Eugene Wilson. source.

There are rumblings that he will receive a fine from the Herr Goodell, and it will be well deserved. It was a completely dirty hit, Rodney Harrison dirty. In other Favre news, he now claims that he has a cracked rib. It didn’t look like it bothered him, but I can see the end of the season press conference, tears in his eyes where he blames his lack of performance on his ribs. Wah Wah

Oh yeah, they played the Texans. Matt Schaub showed that he’s a still a delicate little flower, and if you picked him in your Fantasy Draft you might want to make a trade.


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