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Halloween is Coming.

October 21, 2009

October is here. And what does that mean? Comparisons to Reggie Jackson and playoff Baseball. The beginning of the basketball/hockey seasons and lastly where everyone begins to get nervous about the NFL playoffs or BCS championship. Though, another event overshadows all of the rest, most important October Event? Halloween. This is a crazy time of year. This is when guys usually dress up in some amazing/funny costumes and (hot) girls dress up in skimpy/slutty outfits in an attempt to show their body off one last time before winter. Fat girls are encouraged to dress up funny as well. The Gally Blog (especially yours truly) is very interested in your Halloween Costumes. We prefer 1 of 3 ways: gross, sexy or funny. Send all ideas/pictures to and you shall be added to the post. Examples you ask?


"I'm Such a Future DILF"


"I'm Such a Future DILF"

Thomas Lennon?

Thomas Lennon?

You tell me which one is sexy, which one is disgusting and which one is funny. My penis is confused by all three. However, I was able to find an amazing costume after the frozen head of Ted Williams was smashed in his cryogenic chamber. I think this is the best costume in the world for any Boston fan:

I Guess You Can't Dress Up Like "Overrated"

Bloated Anna Nicole Smith Nurse and Looks Like Nick Adenhart Got Traded to the Red Sox?

Why is it the best costume for a Red Sox fan? Welp, I guess you can’t dress up like over-rated.

(via PUNTER)

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