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October 26, 2009

Those are my fucking shoes.

Those are my fucking shoes.

Blogkakke is our collection of the latest and greatest to land in the net. If you have something for here or just want to send us good ole fashioned hate mail, our contact info is up at the top right and there’s always the comment section.

Musical Interlude



The Phoenix Pub: Old King Clancy puts on his Steve Phillips costume and does a press conference.
Wildcat Notion: AA’s take on a NCAA Basketball recruitment “scandal”
Dr. Saturday: Shanoff says that even a Frustrated Tebow must face the music.
NY Mag: Leitch has a conversation with Bill Simmons.
National Football Post: Bobby Big Wheel delivers his week 7 NFL recap.
SB Nation: Demarcus Ware is now making Haynesworth money.
Second String Fullback: Samer FJM’s an article on JaMarcus Russell.
Blog Critics: Sussman laments the death of Geocities.
Food Court Lunch: Blue Menu presents the 2009 ALCS award winners.
Film Drunk: Vampire abstinence just got sexier.

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