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Jay Cutler Got Paid

October 21, 2009

Where be all the Henny at?

Where be all the Henny at?

This week is a big week for Jay Cutler. It really is. Despite only having a 3-2 record on the season and throwing 10 TD’s WITH 7 INT’s, the Bears have signed him to a two year $30 Million extension worth a guaranteed $20 Million. Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Rosenbloom had this to say about the signing,

You can’t call the Bears cheap anymore. Not when they agree to pay Jay Cutler as if he were having Kyle Orton’s season[edit. oh snap!]
Giving Cutler more money for more years here is a no-brainer for the Bears. Then again, investing a guaranteed $20 million in a guy you’re protecting with Frank Omiyale shows no brains by the Bears.Unless the goal is to leave Cutler with no brain waves.Maybe the Bears expect Cutler to spend some of his signing bonus on a left guard. And maybe a left tackle. And perhaps a center.

So what does this mean to you and me? Absolutely nothing, unless your a Bears fan. If you’re a Bears fan it means that you have signed up the Young Gunslinger or Brett Favre 2.0 to a long term contract. Will it help them? I’m not a highly paid analyst but I think it will, though you could say that I’m as qualified as an analyst.

And Jay, no more drinking the cheap stuff. When you go out, it’s nothing but the stuff from the top shelf from now on.

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