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October 20, 2009

Blogkakke is our collection of the latest and greatest to be caught in the Internets. If you have something you would like to see here, or just want to tell us how shitty a job we are doing, our contact info is up at the top right and there’s always the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

DC Sports Blog: Rich Gannon sits down with Dan Snyder and tells him the Redskins are like the Raiders.
Black Sports Online: At a charity event Jeff Fisher, coach of the Titans, wore a Peyton Manning jersey to feel like a winner. Seriously.
Hugging Harold Reynolds: Hate work? Pretend you’re back in college and win video games.
Deadspin: The Tuesday open mailbag, or The joys of very large, old public urinals.
National Football Post: NFL Week 6 recap with Bobby Big Wheel.
Wall Street Journal: Is it time to ban NFL domes? Dome teams are a combined 30-19 right now, and that includes St. Louis and Detroit.
Wired: Samuel L Jackson explains Google Wave.
Stamford Advocate: Did you know Jim Nantz makes $7million a year? Yeah. And now he’s getting divorced and banging a 29 year old. The white mans dream or something.
The Phoenix Pub: Ailanthus Altissima talks about the business of college ball.
MLive: Buzz Bissinger declares the death of Moneyball.

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