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October 19, 2009



Blogkakke is our collection of the latest and greatest to hit the Interwebs. If you have something that you think should be here, or you just want to laugh at Logic for being a Notre Dame fan, our contact information is at the top right and there’s always the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

I had totally forgotten all about Salad Fingers.

The Phoenix Pub: Old King Clancy writes about hating the team that your a fan of.
Mr. Irrelevant: Was Hacksaw Dan behind the benching of Jason Campbell?
The Big Lead: Notre Dames big problem for next year isn’t Weis, but Clausen.
Technorati: The State of the Blogosphere. via. Matt Sussman
NY Times: A computer program has been written which is capable of writing sports stories. On its own. But can it write dick jokes? via. Lang Whitaker
Sports Pickle: Rex Ryan puts out a bounty on the Jets.
Animal New York: Jonathan Ames, creator of Bored to Death on HBO, used Twitter to find someone to watch his show with. He doesn’t own a TV himself. Crazy.
Buzz Feed: A handy little flow chart that describes when you should use the Comic Sans font. I’ve been wrong all these years. via. Michelle Collins
Balls Don’t Lie: Shaq continues to impress Wilmer Valderrama.
Purple Jesus Diaries: It’s awful Viking friendly here today, but PJD recaps the Vikings game and makes a haiku. Making a haiku will likely get you a link here.

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