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A Night Cap with Logic

October 15, 2009

I Know She Has Nothing To Do With This... Just Shut Up, Ok?

I Know She Has Nothing To Do With This... Just Shut Up, Ok?

Happy Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Thursday is a magical time. College kids start drinking because they have Friday off (or at least the smart ones), it’s now 8 hours of work until Friday and you get to Use Logic and Win Money. Today has one decent game on to watch. Which is rough if it sucks. Which means you have nothing better to do than comment on this magnificent section of The Gally Blog and tell me your thoughts. Especially your dirty ones. But most importantly? Thursday also means it’s time to get your picks in:

Gambling Addiction? (home team in ALL CAPS)

(note: I’ve been called out on my handicapping ability so extra games are added.)

Suicide Pool: New York Jets

NFL Best Bet: PACKERS (-13.5) over the Lions

NCAA Best Bet: ARIZONA (-4) over Stanford

Possible NFL Upset of the Week: Broncos (+3.5) over the CHARGERS

NCAA Possible Upset of the Week: Iowa (+2.5) over WISCONSIN

And just because it’s sexy: NOTRE DAME (+10) over University Southern California… Heisman Candidate Sweet Jim Clausen gets ND into a BCS bowl over USC and their Freshman QB on the road in this rivalry match.

Dbag Challenge: STEELERS (-14) over the Browns. Eagles (-14) over the RAIDERS. PATRIOTS (-9) over the Titans

Fantasy Football Advice: Well, my first pick would be Dennis Northcutt- WR- Detroit Lions. If Megatron is out, the overrated WR will step in as the #1 threat for the weak Lions. That didn’t sound too confident, did it? Well that is just if Megatron doesn’t play. So Jermichael Finley- TE- Green Bay Packers (who is playing those weak Lions) is my Fantasy Pick of the Week. He had a break out performance before the BYE v. Minnesota in which he showed great hands and speed as well as a reliable check down receiver for Aaron Rodgers who has been running for his life and may or may not be BJ Novak.

GD LSUFreek. Now I'm Going To Think This Forever.

GD LSUFreek. Now I'm Going To Think This Forever.

I got some Links for you as well:

This might be the best website the internet has to offer. Fat Kids

Head over to Fightlinker to see Shawn’s first Roman Polanski joke.

Hey, did you hear some Florida State players can read? Neither did I. No but seriously. They read at a 2nd grade level.

And lastly, 10 Best Mullets in Sports History. I like Jared Allen’s the best. He’s fucking silly.

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