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Blogkakke: The Half Assed Edition

October 14, 2009

Now with Kung Fu Grip!

Now with Kung Fu Grip!

Blogkakke is our collection of the latest and greatest catch of the internets. If you have something for here, or would like to inquire about one of the eggs that Berstreet never plans on using, our contact information is up at the top right. That or there’s always the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

Buzz Feed: All of Kramer’s entrances on Seinfeld in chronological order. via. JE Skeets
EDSBS: It’s a sad Mustache Wednesday folks.
Sporcle: I just got introduced to Sporcle last night. If you read this site, you should be able to do this one. via. A_Altissima
Purple Jesus Diaries: John David Booty finally escapes the confines of Minnesota
With Leather: 2009’s Great NFL Moments in Tecmo Bowl
KSK: The KSK book klub: Where Men Win Glory. If you click one of these links, click this one. Seriously.
Smart Football: Malcolm Gladwell on Brain Injuries in Football.
The Rookies: Week 5 of The Quarterback Chronicles.
Style Points: In a bit of community service, John Daly shares his workout regimen and health tips with some youths.

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  1. lowercase permalink
    October 14, 2009 4:56 pm

    got the NFL sporcle with 3:51 left on the clock. spent about 30 seconds trying to think up the rams, got brain freeze because i couldn’t associate them with the West.

    • October 14, 2009 7:15 pm

      I got it with 3:30, and yes there were far too many brain farts on that one. Utter fail as far as I’m concerned.

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