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Blogkakke: Canadian Long Weekend Edition

October 9, 2009

Boom! Roasted.

Boom! Roasted.

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Musical Interlude

Yeah you all saw it yesterday, but so what.

Bloomberg: A good read on Monty Pythons 40th anniversary. Yeah 40. via. Bucholtz
The Globe and Mail: Cameron Wake has made a made a solid transition from the CFL to the NFL so far. via. Bucholtz
KSK: The weekly Sex and Fantasy Football mailbag.
Second String Fullback: The fifth edition of Footballday. Maybe I should read this before making bets, he seems to be pretty on this year.
Sports Pickle: Or maybe DJ Gallo is the football messiah. Last week he went 13-1 in NFL picks. And he’s funny.
Fifth Down Blog: Chris Brown, no not that one, explains to you simpletons how the Wildcat actually works.
Food Court Lunch: General Tao gives mathematical proof why Justin Timberlake should have won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Avoiding the Drop: Magnakai Haaskivi explains why why soccer rule changes make far more sense than the NFL
SB Nation: Should the Bengals have won that game in OT? When I watched, I thought the winning kick missed, but I blamed it on the alcohol. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. via. Chris Mottram
Ramblings of the Unmotivated: Braylon Edwards gets taken out with the trash.
@J_Allens_Mullet: I told you that thing had a mind and personality of its own. Now it has it’s own Twitter account.

Bonus Weekend Pumpup Song:

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