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NCAAF Week 6 Semi-Half Assed Recap

October 5, 2009

So over the last few weeks I’ve been posting the NCAAF AP Poll, along with a few of my own “insights” – which is basically my way of saying smartass comments. I’ll be doing something a little different this week as I discuss a few things that stood out to me this past weekend in the world of college football. Why, you might ask? Well for one, it was hard to come up with dick-headed comments for every team in the top 25.  Two, they weren’t really that funny. Let us begin.


Great win for the ‘Canes. Sure they got off to a rough start, but they were able to settle down and get the win. Oklahoma came out extremely explosive, but soon fizzled out. People are going to no doubt be talking shit about this victory. “Oklahoma didn’t have Sam Bradford.” Blah blah blah.

I'm not sure how the logic went from 70s p-star stache to Yosemite Sam stache.

I'm not sure how you go from 70s p-star stache to Yosemite Sam stache.

Landry Jones did not hurt his team in the slightest. Sure his mustache is an eyesore that makes even a 70’s pornstar say, “Bro, you definitely need to shave,”  but he didn’t do anything to overtly hurt the team.

Yes Miami won, but let’s not get carried away with, “THE U IS BACK.”  Being “back” doesn’t involve your team not winning their Conference. Barring an act of God, the Hokies will win the ACC Coastal, and probably the entire ACC. With that said, Miami is on the right path to redemption, but can we stop with all the U is back and UM swag shit? You’re making the non-douchey ‘Canes fans, like myself, look bad. I don’t need anymore negative publicity than the kind I already garner.

Florida Gators/Tim Tebow

The Gators had a bye this week and got about as much press as they would had they actually been playing. Of course, this is all centered around Tim Tebow Christ and his biblical-sized concussion. Tebow is going to play, no doubt. The kid has heart. Maybe not much in the way of brains, especially after he got partially lobotomized, but a fuckton of heart. Look for Tebow to play with the type of vengeance that hasn’t been seen since the flooding of Earth and the smiting of Sodom and Gamora in the Bible. /sigh. Bible references and Tim Tebow go together like sex and money. Wait, you don’t pay for your sex?

Random Crap

Iowa proved they only play really well against ranked opponents, eking out a craptastic win over Arkansas State 24-21…Gene Chiznik and the Auburn Tigers are now 5-0 and are in contention for the SEC Championship. A sentence I thought I would never hear…Bobby Bowden appears to be one step closer to collecting a Social Security check after each week…USF is now ranked in the top 25 and giving false hope to all the other non-UF, FSU, and UM football teams in Florida…Still surprised no one has started a Joe Paterno Twitter page. Looking at you Style Points…(Game)Cocks penetrate top 25…The only way Tebow isn’t playing this weekend is if he is nailed down to a couple of 2 x 4s….

It's 2 in the pink, not in the mouth stupid.

It's 2 in the pink, not in the mouth stupid.

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