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October 5, 2009

Looks like somebody needs a spell check.

Looks like somebody needs a spell check.

Blogkakke is our collection of the latest and greatest the interwebs have to offer us. If you have something for here or would like gimp to sell you his slightly used leather gear, our contact info is up at the top right and you can always leave us some hurtful comments in the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

It’s old, but still makes me laugh

The Sporting Blog: Andy Hutchins wonders if Bobby Bowden may be facing the mortal abyss.
Sports Pickle: NFL week 4 winners and losers. Now with extra Tom Brady.
EDSBS: A recap of the week in college football, done in alphabetical order(one for A,B,C….etc.)
The Phoenix Pub: Old King Clancy rants about Notre Dame skating on long past glory.
KSK: Your MNF Jon Gruden drinking game. Get ready to be blackout drunk.
With Leather: Holy crap. I want to watch football with John Madden.

Sorry for the lack of links, the Internet seems to be a little bit slow today. I blame all the media fascination with Brett Favre.

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