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Night Cap with Logic

October 1, 2009

Hello Gallions. I know I haven’t been keeping up with the Night Caps but then again, you aren’t fucking coming to them so blow it out your nose with a rubba hose. As you know, Thursdays I like to get my pick of the week in for the Suicide Pool and give some best bets in the gambling world for the weekend. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. First we need some music:

I don’t care what people say, that is Baby Earl Jones if I’ve ever seen it. But it does add a sense of urgency to the post.

Any Links? Yes. They might be a few days old but I decided to cut down the Night Cap segment to weekly, so just effing deal with it, ok?

Mayhem Miller quickly became one of my favorite people when he started that bully beatdown show when kids get beat up by professional fighters for being jerky but this is even funnier than that. Mayhem makes some nerds defecate themselves at an EA Sports meeting about the MMA game they came out with.

I might be the only one in the world that still likes Entourage but I guess that’s because I like going against the grain. I love living like a rockstar and naked women. Nah, save the story line for the women… Let’s see some random celebrity cameos!

And lastly, I may start a position to get Flozell Adams kicked out of the league. He has been suspended in all 3 games this season. 1 of which, he tried to assassinate my favorite player in the NFL via leg whip. Justin Tuck is the double threat. He went to Notre Dame and is now on the New York Giants. You don’t get better than that. This is the first time since Luke Pettigout that I can say that about and Luke wasn’t nearly as sexy.

Gambling Addiction:

Suicide Pool: New York Giants.

College Football Best Bet: South Florida (-7) over SYRACUSE.

NFL Best Bet: I like the Giants -9 but that’s the suicide pick so we’ll go with Cincinnati Bengals (-6) over the CLEVELAND BROWNS

Fantasy Pick Up of the Week?

Glen Coffee, RB, San Francisco 49ers: He’s the starter in town for the next few weeks now that Frank Gore is out. This week he’s going against the Rams. Enough said.

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