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September 29, 2009

Insert Witty Comment here.

Insert Witty Comment here.

Blogkakke is our collection of the best that the interwebs has to offer. If you have a song, picture or link that you think should be here, or you just want to serenade the lovely berstreet our contact information is up at the top right or you can leave a comment.

Musical Interlude:


Bleacher Report: The Septempber P4P MMA rankings remain much the same as they did before. If you don’t know what that shorthand is, well figure it out.
Bobby Big Wheel: Bobby recounts his life as FakeKlosterman on Twitter.
The Phoenix Pub: First Derivative proposes a way to defeat Tom Brady
KSK: Big Ben’s wrestling alter ego makes a return appearance.
Second String Fullback: Not only does Budweiser make crappy beer, but they make you hate certain NFL fanbases.
DC Sports Blog: Clinton Portis thinks the Redskins have something special, yeah like an aborted fetus to play with.
NESW Sports: Henry Burris dances like the Global Gym Cobras in a TD celebration.
Style Points: Omar Vizquel would like to be a matador.
Melt Your Face Off: A preview of the upcoming Phoenix Coyotes season. May include dysfunctionalness. Yeah I made that word up, or at least spelt it wrong.
Sportress of Blogitude: Say it ain’t so. Chuck Knoblauch is accused of beating his wife.

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