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Fantasy Football Break Down Week 3

September 27, 2009

Well, since I just got done disposing of ALL of my disposable income in that hellish demontown Atlantic City, I figured I owed you guys a post. Especially since Bucholtz requested this. So here is the Sports Bloggers Fantasy Football Breakdown of Week 3. (For Weeks 1 and 2,  go here)

Top Performers:

QB: Aaron Rodgers- Owned by Gally. Rodgers is my MVP pick for this year and he looked like one this week with 269 yards and 2 TDs in the air on top of 38 yards and 1 TD from the ground.

QB: Peyton Manning- Owned by Gimp. Manning has 220 yards and 3 TDs at halftime of the Sunday Night game.

RB: Maurice Jones Drew- Owned by Bucholtz. Had 113 total yards and 3 TDs. Solid day.

RB: Willis McGahee- Owned by James Brown. Had 67 yards and 2 TDs. This guy has 6 TDs already this season and I think some Philadelphian Bloggers need to apologize to me.

WR: DeSean Jackson- Owned by Sac-Town Kings. 149 yards and 1 TD.

Bad Sits:

Jericho Cotchery-Had 125 total yards and 1 TD. Owned by Shiancock, But I am doing this post on a Sunday Night and he has both receivers left to play.

Ben Roethlisberger- Owned by Shiancock, Had 20.3 fantasy points to Matt Ryan’s 7.8 in the Stiller’s tough loss to the Bungles.

Ahmad Bradshaw- Owned by Gimpshot. Would have gave him 12.35 points over Derrick Ward’s bagel.

DeSean Jackson- Too bad one of our Top Performers was on Sac-Town’s bench.

Willis McGahee- Jimmy Brown wishes he had this guy in for Tomlinson.

Bad Start:

Terrell Owens: Owned by some douche bag. Owens had 0 yards. FML. I didn’t even have anyone better to start.

Minnesota Vikings: Again, me. Got me -2 points somehow. I don’t own another defense so maybe I should look into that.

Derrick Ward: Owned by Gimpshot. Earned him .9 of a point.

Ted Ginn Jr: Owned by Sac-Town. Earned him 0 points.

Brian Westbrook: Owned by Favarro Must Die. DNP. Having Benson and Willie Parker on the bench doing well doesn’t help either.

Frank Gore: Owned by Flubby. I guess this has to go in the bad start category but Frank Gore was knocked out of the game with his ankle issues and got Flubman .4 of a point.

LaDanian Tomlinson- Owned by Jimmy Brown. DNP

Pick Up of the Week:

Pierre Garcon- Indianapolis Colts- Owned by Gally- This kid seems to be the real deal after a break out performance in week 2 and another stellar performance in week 3.

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