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Morning After Pill

September 25, 2009

The Morning After Pill is where we recap the previous days events. Some sports and teams are left out due to lack of caring.

NHL: Quite possibly the most important man ever involved with the sport of Hockey, Wayne Gretzky, stepped down as coach of the Phoenix Coyotes. Gretzky was a partial owner of the team, and as part of his income with the team his salary was $8.5 million a year. Yeah, he made College Football coaches look like poor schmucks. But the team is in Bankruptcy court in a dirty fight for control of the team. He realized that he wouldn’t be sticking around with either ownership group, so he decided to step down so the team would maintain some sort of structure. Peter Forsberg scored a goal in his comeback game with Modo. As expected he was rusty, so I guess we should take him out back and give him the Old Yeller treatment.

NFL: Donovan MacNabb is still nursing a broken rib and is unlikely to play this weekend. In related but not tied together news, Mike Vick will make his return to the NFL this week. As I’ve always said, the world just doesn’t give rich people enough chances. Adrian Peterson has a wonky back, but that wont keep him out of the Vikings home opener vs. the 49ers. Although this just reinforces Drew’s belief that Purple Jesus is going to break his back.

I wonder if that's on purpose?

I wonder if that's on purpose?

Women’s Golf: Natalie Gulbis shot 8 strokes back of the leader at the CVS/pharmacy LPGA Open. The leader after one round is Sophie Gustafson who shot a round of -7. Do you care? No, and neither do I. I just wanted an excuse to post that picture.

College Football: The Southern Carolina Gamecocks played host to the Mississippi “Ole Miss” Rebels in a Nationally televised SEC matchup. The over/under was set at something like 53, and takers of the under were the big winners as SC beat Ole Miss 16-10. It was a decently entertaining game, a defensive battle that SC won. They ground down the clock, and made Jevan Snead look very much like Jamarcus Russell as he completed only 7-21 attempts for 107 yards. I enjoyed the game, but I was bored and work was slow.

MLB: The Nationals became the first team to lose 100 games this year, as they fell to the Dodgers 7-6. That puts Nat’s fans as our designated fanbase on suicide watch for today. Felix Hernandez played lights out last night as the M’s defeated the Jays 5-4. Though it could have had something to do with him facing the Jays, as that’s kind of like fighting a retarded kid. The Tigers moved further ahead of the idle Twins last night as they defeated the Indians 6-5. It looks like it was one run win night last night in baseball, and I didn’t even get a bobblehead.

NBA: It’s the tour Championship this weekend in Atlanta. The winner wins himself a check for $10 million. Tiger Woods shot one back of the leader, Sean O’Hair, though it wasn’t for a lack of trying. He had several putts lip out during the round. I wouldn’t want to be a hooker or a coke dealer in his vicinity in the next couple days.

Soccer: Arsene Wagner believes that growing up in a Pub is what enabled him to be a successful football manager. It seems kind of like a legit idea.

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