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Night Cap with Logic

September 24, 2009

Pugs Are Always Good Here. Even Sad Ones :o(

Pugs Are Always Good Here. Even Emo Ones :o(

Alright, I got some gratuitous pug action. Thanks, FilmDrunk for finding the pic. This is also where I reveal that I will be disposing of all of my disposable income in Atlantic City this weekend, starting tomorrow at 12PM. So I won’t be here for any gambling action or posting tomorrow or throughout the weekend. I’m sorry, I guess. I’m also sorry for not really writing a solid Night Cap because Flash Foward and then It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was on.

Gambling Addiction?

NFL best bet: Giants (-3) at TAMPA BAY

NCAAFB best bet: GEORGIA TECH (-2.5) v. North Carolina

Suicide Pool: Green Bay Packers

Links? Got one.

FML from both sides College Humor. Pretty solid.


Well I’m watching Watchmen for like the 100th time since it came out on DVD So here.

Muse- Take A Bow.

p.s. We’ve had at least 1 search a day that asks for “Will Plaxico Burress get raped in prison?”. To answer your question, “Yes. Yes he will.”

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