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Night Cap with Logic (f. Kenyon Blue)

September 23, 2009

I wasn’t even going to post today because I will be commenting at Last Call for the Phoenix Pub all night tonight, especially during The Ultimate Fighter episode, but that was until I met Kenyon Blue of Idaho State. This guy is ridiculous. Every single move he has is ridiculous and breaks an ankle or starts a fire. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy that fast. I must know his 40 yard dash time. Immediately.


The Shout Out Louds- You Are Dreaming.


Gambling Addiction?

Phoenix Mercury v. Los Angeles Sparks UNDER (177)

We went deep into the Addiction because we had the itch tonight (and drinking). As always, lines are brought to you by Centsports.


Tucker Max slept with another woman. Shocker, right? Well turns out she wrote a story about him. And it’s funny!

the Papa from Mamas and Papas was a sick bastard. I guess I needed to put that because that is what everyone is talking about these days. I mean he only raped her for 10 years. Pshh. No biggie.

To be honest, I know WWTDD, WithLeather, FilmDrunk and WarmingGlow but this Recall site with the same format as them has had some solid posts the last two days. Including this on Rampage Jackson retiring.

Horse Man! Kill ITTT!!!

And that does it for me. Oh wait. No hot chicks? BRB!

I'm Convinced These Women are Computer Generated.

I'm Convinced These Women are Computer Generated.

Literally just types “hot chicks” into Google. It’s that easy. Go check out Last Call and hang out for a drink or two.

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