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September 21, 2009

Not so compelling now, is it.

Not so compelling now, is it.

Blogkakke is The Gally Blog’s daily collection of the best the Internet has to offer. It’s sports themed, but occasionally something else worth sharing will be here as well. It’s up around 5pm EST M-F with occasional appearances on the weekend. If you have something for here, or just want to tell us how much you hate us, our information is up at the top right or you can leave something in the comments.

Musical Interlude:

The Big Lead: A columnist suggest’s the USC Dynasty is over, the commenters suggest no Dynasty ever existed.
Sports Pickle: The winners and losers of week 2 in the NFL. Not the teams stupid.
Avoiding the Drop: This one’s here only because of the headline, sure the writeup is good, but the headline gets a +1. Massimo Busacca Banned for Fingering Young Boys.
EDSBS: Holy Fuck. Oregon Coach Chip Kelly is a man of his word. Seriously.
Style Points: Milton Bradley explains his suspension to Shakey.
The Rookies: College Football roundtable.
Food Court Lunch: Today in about Joe Montegna
Football on the Fringe: Lowercase’s site about College Football that’s not in a BCS conference.


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