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Happy Hour with Logic

September 18, 2009

Technically this is a Night Cap, but it’s way too early to be your last drink of the night. I just have to make like an aborted fetus and head out to a fundraiser. My buddy is running the NYC Marathon in honor of his father who recently died of lung cancer; there are going to be a bunch of kegs and people getting weird. So I needed to get a post out, because technically the interview was done last night.

I’m skipping tonight’s bet (okay, I’m not. It’s the Cubs over ST. LOUIS), but the real bet is Iowa (-4) against Arizona tomorrow. College football trumps baseball 10 times out of 10.

Suicide Pool Pick: Minnesota Vikings

Alright, let’s kick the tunes.

Compliments of my home town heroes Brand New- You Won’t Know.

Rock These Links:

WithLeather had a Power Rankings. I made it, and I’m actually pretty pumped about this. It may be cheesy self-promotion and soft money whoring, but with guys like Max Ballner running around trying to make me look stupid, it’s hard out there for a G. Ya heard?

This is why Big Daddy Drew gets book deals and 99.9% of other bloggers cry about it.

Drunk and Stupid Girl Gets Leg Swept

Louis C.K. will always make this section as well.

Chicken Fucking and Jon Stewart.

And that does it for me. Gimp and I are going to have a UFC 103 preview tomorrow morning with all of our best bets. So check back tomorrow, virgins.

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