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September 17, 2009

Anybody else smell bacon?

Anybody else smell bacon?

Blogkakke is our collection of the best writing to come out of Blogfrica every day. It may be a day behind here or there, but you might have never read it otherwise. So You’re Welcome.

Musical Interlude:
Fat suits, FTW

Canuck Puck: Bucholtz dissects the enviable situation the Canucks are in, and makes predictions on the lineup.
The Phoenix Pub: A prominent member of our weekly live blogs, lowercase, breaks down the non BCS week in College Football.
Sports Pickle: From Drew, A Yankees fan is surprised that your 6 year old has never heard the word cunt before.
Avoiding the Drop: fuseproject has my brain hurting with this one. The weekly Thursday challenge. Good luck.
EDSBS: Factor 5 preview for the Georgia Tech at Miami Thursday night College Football game.
Sportress of Blogitude: After server crashing, Weed is back. Never cross the head of the Geology dept. at a major University.
Style Points: Business Socks does it again. A day in the life of Bobby Cox.
Dan Shanoff: Emily and Steve Monforto story, and great sports parenting.
Smart Football: Monte Kiffin is taking his role as DC, seriously and he’s gearing up to play the gators. Great read. via. Shanoff
DC Sports Blog: Steinberg talks to Ovechkin and some of the Capitals on today being Ovie’s 24th birthday.

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