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September 16, 2009

CSI Miami makes everything better.

CSI Miami makes everything better.

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Musical Interlude:
In honor of Kid Cudi’s album dropping yesterday. Go buy it.

Dan Shanoff: Dan is convinced that Land Kiffin is a Jedi. He might be right.
Sports Pickle: Barry Sanders still has some stuff left in the tank and is returning to the Lions.
Unmotivated Ramblings: Brandon has received advanced news of a job opening for a football coach at Ohio State.
DC Sports Blog: Brendan Morrison is a survivor.
Deadspin: The cast and crew of FJM reunited to run Deadspin today. I highly recommend that you check it out.
Food Court Lunch: Food Court Lunch, I can’t stop you. Perez Hilton thinks he knows football. How cute.
Low Posts: The triumphant return of Rasheed’s Mailbag.
ESPN: DJ Gallo breaks down last weeks NFL games.
The Phoenix Pub: Rob breaks down last weeks Big 10 games.
The Rookies: Bucholtz reviews the week that was the CFL.

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