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Night Cap with Logic.

September 15, 2009

What’s up Gallions and Night Owls. I just watched the Kanye is a Gay Fish episode of South Park three times in a row without being bored. I can’t believe the President called him a jackass. With that and the Taylor Swift stuff, plus Patrick Swayze dying, it’s a hectic day. Links and video after the jump.

Now let’s see what is actually important in life:

The first 8 minutes of the new season of The Ultimate Fighter is out. I heard it got leaked and Kimbo Slice already won. I wouldn’t doubt it but I also wouldn’t doubt the media to just say that because Kimbo is the only recognizable name. Whatever.

Dream Boat blew off Suzy Kolber’s interview. No I don’t feel bad for her. That’s karma for breaking Namath’s heart, you harlot.

Patrick Swayze’s best movie fights.

25 PedoBear appearances

Funny or Die’s “Massholes” video is pretty solid. I guess I’m two days late, if Ufford is late?

Check out the Sports Blogger Fantasy Football Pool. I smoked Gimp first round.

1 dude teaches other dude a lesson. That lesson is “don’t be a skinny douche showing off your abs pre-fight by taking off your shirt in front of your friends because I WILL drop you”

Most excellent Plane Story ever.

and lastly, Sarah Jean Underwood (NSFW) might be the prettiest woman on the planet. Oh, and she’s naked.

Gambling Addiction? Posted already. So suck on that.

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