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Gambling Addiction with Logic

September 15, 2009

I wanted to get this in on the Night Cap but I forgot that I’m a night owl and make bets for tomorrow at 12am. You need the tips in before the game starts to get action. So let’s rock…


(home team in caps)

I’ll brag that I hit on my parlay of the OVERS from last night’s game. Even though I missed on the fav’s minus the spread.

And since there isn’t any football tonight, I seem to have hit on AC Milan and REAL Madrid to win in a parlay (today).I guess. I don’t know why I bet that.

So that makes me up 35 logicunits…

Tonight, I got the Phillies, Braves, Cubs and Cardinals all to win. Not because of their dominance but because of the hapless losers they play.

The bet is 5 logicunits on ARSENAL over Standard Liege and FC BARCELONA over Inter Milano to win in a parlay tomorrow because soccer betting is fun.

Best Bet 9/15/09: DODGERS (-1.5) over Pirates. 10 logicunits.


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