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Night Cap with Logic

September 14, 2009

I really am at a loss for words right now. Kanye is still being a gay fish. But even without him, the VMA’s had its way ups and way downs. Notre Dame lost, the Giants won. The Yankees are good. I guess I’ll only slit one wrist. This is turning out to be an emo rap, huh? Well I figured I’d get a post in with my bets before the game is over. Remember, if you be one of “my cronies” on Cent Sports, you won’t have to be reminded of all the winners I picked. I went 8-6 in the BS Blog Pick ‘Em and 11-3 in the Phoenix Pub Pick’Em as well as moved on to the 2nd round with the Ravens in all 3 survivor pools I’m in.

The Comedic Stylings of Anthony Jeselnik, one of comedy’s up and comers.

As for the links? We got ’em:

I don’t care if you care about tennis but Roger Federer is the extremely easy-to-like star. Especially with plays like this one.

Or if you prefer, check out this puppy going down a slide!

Hey. Wanna know a secret? Don’t piss off a big black guy named Rampage with cauliflower ear and wearing Tapout gear.

I don’t know who Jennifer Hernandez is but she is putting me in the mood for Latina loving. (SFW)

THIS makes Giants fans look terrible.

I LOVE Girls Getting into Tight Jeans. (SFW and Awesome)

Live Blog over a KSK. It’s over now but you can scroll the comments and see the Jackals. I was Logic. I had a bunch of comments in there.

Gambling Addiction?

PATRIOTS (-11.5) over the Bills and the OVER

Chargers (-10.5) over the RAIDERS and the OVER
I think the Chargers and the Pats might surpass the overs by themselves. If the Pats ever get rolling for Christ’s sake. At least you know I’m genuine and don’t change my bet half way through the game.

p.s. Hitler HATED Kanye’s VMA outburst.

p.p.s. Patrick Swayze is dead. Oh God, alert the media. Someone suffering of cancer for the last X amount of months/years just died. Boofuckinghoo. Get over it. It’s like you people need someone to cry over just to get your tears out. Life sucks and if you are going to the rodeo, you better cowboy up. Slit your wrists if your sad. Ghost sucked anyway. Fucking pansies.

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  1. gally permalink*
    September 15, 2009 12:33 am

    God bless the internet with that Hitler outburst on Kanye.

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