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September 14, 2009


Blogkakke is our collection of must see/read items from all over the Internet. If you have something that you think should go here, or perhaps just want to talk to us our contact info is up on the top right or there’s always the comment section.

Musical Interlude:

The Bloodhound Gang is much better than they are given credit for.

Joe Posnanski: Joe marvels at the greatness of Roger Federer via. The Rookies
Style Points: Shakey rewrites Matt Cassel’s backstory.
Blog Critics: The Third Act of Kimbo Slice
The Phoenix Pub: Bucholtz goes over the pros and cons of Junior Hockey.
Dr. Saturday: Chris Brown, no not that one, breaks down the grisly demise of Tresselball. via Shanoff
ESPN: DJ Gallo’s Week 1 NFL Hangover
Sports Illustrated: Stewart Mandel’s College Football Overtime.
Deadspin: Drew writes an open letter to NBC asking them to die.
EDSBS: It’s Hate Week. Tenn vs. Florida

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