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September 13, 2009

Alright so if you didn’t know The Gally Blog is hosting a fantasy football league in which we have a bunch of well respected bloggers/writers… and Max Ballner. I’m going to do my best to keep up with the active rosters and trades. This is also where you can find the Fantasy top performers for the week or the best pick ups and sit/starts. This is going to take a lot of concentration and effort. I’m going to need another bottle of Crown.

Note: All recent transactions (9/13/09) since the draft are just being added to the line up without notice and from here on out be accounted for.

Monday Morning Punter: Unmotivated Leather (1-0)

QB: Tom Brady- New England Patriots
WR: TJ Houshmandzadeh- Seattle Seahawks
WR: Donnie Avery- St. Louis Rams
RB: Adrian Peterson- Minnesota Vikings
RB: Ronnie Brown- Miami Dolphins
TE: Antonio Gates- San Diego Chargers
WR/TE: Devery Henderson- New Orleans Saints- WR
Def: New England Patriots
K: John Kasay- Carolina Panthers

B: Larry Johnson- Kansas City Chiefs- RB
B:  Ray Rice- Baltimore Ravens- RB
B: Nate Washington- Tennessee Titans- WR
B: James Davis- Cleveland Browns- RB
B: Lee Evans- Buffalo Bills- WR
B: Miles Austin- Dallas Cowboys- WR


Logic- Donte’s DD (1-0)

QB: Carson Palmer- Cincinnati Bengals
WR: Terrell Owens- Buffalo Bills
WR: Reggie Wayne- Indianapolis Colts
RB: Michael Turner- Atlanta Falcons
RB: Marion Barber- Dallas Cowboys
TE: Heath Miller- Pittsburgh Steelers
WR/TE- Antonio Bryant- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Def: Minnesota Vikings
K: Stephen Gostkowski- New England Patriots

B: Owen Daniels- Houston Texans- TE
B: Fred Jackson- Buffalo Bills- RB
B: Michael Crabtree- San Francisco 49ers- WR
B: Chris Chambers- San Diego Chargers- WR
B: Hank Baskett- Indianapolis Colts- WR
B: Cadillac Williams- Tampa Bay Buccaneers- RB


Gally: Plax’s Shiv Advisor (0-1)

QB: Aaron Rodgers- Green Bay Packers
WR: Hines Ward- Pittsburgh Steelers
WR: Donald Driver- Green Bay Packers
RB: Matt Forte- Chicago Bears
RB: Pierre Thomas- New Orleans Saints
TE: Dallas Clark- Indianapolis Colts
WR/TE: Percy Harvin- Minnesota Vikings
Def: Philadelphia Eagles
K: David Akers- Philadelphia Eagles

B: LenDale White- Tennessee Titans- RB
B: LeRon McClain- Baltimore Ravens- RB
B: Brady Quinn- Cleveland Browns- QB
B: Fred Taylor- New England Patriots- RB
B: Jeremy Maclin- Philadelphia Eagles- WR
B: New York Jets


Max Ballner: Vick’s Dead Eagles (0-1)

QB: Donovan McNabb- Philadelphia Eagles
WR: Calvin Johnson- Detroit Lions
WR: Santana Moss- Washington Redskins
RB: DeAngelo Williams- Carolina Panthers
RB: Thomas Jones- New York Jets
TE: Visanthe Shiancoe- Minnesota Vikings
WR/TE: Josh Morgan- San Francisco 49ers
Def: Indianapolis Colts
K: Jason Elam- Atlanta Falcons

B: Kevin Walter- Houston Texans- WR
B: Joseph Addai- Indianapolis Colts- RB
B: Darren McFadden- Oakland Raiders- RB
B: Matt Cassel- Kansas City Chiefs- QB
B: Trent Edwards- Buffalo Bills- QB
B: Mushin Muhammed- Carolina Panthers- WR


Andrew Bucholtz: Cameron’s Wake (1-0)

QB: Phillip Rivers- San Diego Chargers
WR: Steve Smith- Carolina Panthers
WR: Vincent Jackson- San Diego Chargers
RB: Maurice JonesDrew- Jacksonville Jaguars
RB: Michael Bush- Oakland Raiders
TE: Chris Cooley- Washington Redskins
WR/TE: Derrick Mason- Baltimore Ravens
Def: Washington Redskins
K: Nate Kaeding- San Diego Chargers

B: Ricky Williams- Miami Dolphins- RB
B: Marshawn Lynch- Buffalo Bills- RB
B: Antwaan Randle El- Washington Redskins- WR
B: Eli Manning- New York Giants- QB
B: Earl Bennett- Chicago Bears- WR
B: Joshua Cribbs- Cleveland Browns- WR


Rob: Favarro Must Die (1-0)

QB: Kurt Warner- Arizona Cardinals
WR: Randy Moss- New England Patriots
WR: Greg Jennings- Green Bay Packers
RB: Brian Westbrook- Philadelphia Eagles
RB: Cedric Benson- Cincinnati Bengals
TE: Tony Scheffler- Denver Broncos
WR/TE: Anthony Gonzalez
Def: Tennessee Titans
K: Nick Folk- Dallas Cowboys

B: Jonathon Stewart- Carolina Panthers- RB
B: Willie Parker- Pittsburgh Steelers- RB
B: Steve Breaston- Arizona Cardinals- WR
B: Louis Murphy- Oakland Raiders- WR
B: Chad Pennington- Miami Dolphins- QB
B: Tim Hightower- Arizona Cardinals- RB


Gimp: The Ghost of Sean Taylor (0-1)

QB: Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts
WR: Larry Fitzgerald- Arizona Cardinals
WR: Roddy White- Atlanta Falcons
RB: Derrick Ward- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
RB: Reggie Bush- New Orleans Saints
TE: Kellen Winslow- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WR/TE: Torry Holt- Jacksonville Jaguars
Def: Baltimore Ravens
K: Ryan Longwell- Minnesota Vikings
B: Matt Hasselbeck- Seattle Seahawks- QB
B: Jeremy Shockey- New Orleans Saints- TE
B: Ahmad Bradshaw- New York Giants- RB

Adam: Shiancock (0-1)

QB: Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons
WR: Anquan Boldin- Arizona Cardinals
WR: Lance Moore- New Orleans Saints
RB: Steve Slaton- Houston Texans
RB: Ryan Grant- Green Bay Packers
TE: Tony Gonzalez- Atlanta Falcons
WR/TE: Jericho Cotchery- New York Jets
Def: Green Bay Packers
K: John Carney- New Orleans Saints

B: Beanie Wells- Arizona Cardinals- RB
B: Leon Washington- New York Jets- RB
B: Ben Roethlisberger- Pittsburgh Steelers- QB
B: Anthony Fasano- Miami Dolphins- TE
B: Chris Henry- Cincinnati Bengals- WR
B: Darrius HeywardBey- Oakland Raiders- WR


James Brown: The Godfathers (0-1)

QB: Jay Cutler- Chicago Bears
WR: Dwayne Bowe- Kansas City Chiefs
WR: Brandon Marshall- Denver Broncos
RB: LaDanian Tomlinson- San Diego Chargers
RB: Clinton Portis- Washington Redskins
TE: Greg Olson- Chicago Bears
WR/TE: Roy Williams- Dallas Cowboys
Def: Pittsburgh Steelers
K: Rob Bironas- Tennessee Titans

B: Willis McGahee- Baltimore Ravens- RB
B: John Carlson- Seattle Seahawks- TE
B: Kyle Orton- Denver Broncos- QB
B: Mark Clayton- Baltimore Ravens- WR
B: Marc Bradley- Kansas City Chiefs- WR
B: Carolina Panthers


Doktakra: Sac-Town Kings (0-1)

QB: Matt Schaub- Houston Texans
WR: Andre Johnson- Houston Texans
WR: Eddie Royal- Denver Broncos
RB: Steven Jackson- St. Louis Rams
RB: Kevin Smith- Detroit Lions
TE: Dustin Keller- New York Jets
WR/TE: DeSean Jackson- Philadelphia Eagles
Def: San Diego Chargers
K: Neil Rackers- Arizona Cardinals

B: Darren Sproles- San Diego Chargers- RB
B: Devin Hester- Chicago Bears- WR
B: Ted Ginn Jr. – Miami Dolphins- WR
B: LeSean McCoy- Philadelphia Eagles- RB
B: Brett Favre- Minnesota Vikings- QB
B: Jerious Norwood- Atlanta Falcons- RB


Flubby: Tequila Mockingbirds (1-0)

QB: Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys
WR: Marques Colston- New Orleans Saints
WR: Braylon Edwards- Cleveland Browns
RB: Frank Gore- San Francisco 49ers
RB: Brandon Jacobs- New York Giants
TE: Zach Miller- Oakland Raiders
WR/TE: Chad Johnson- Cincinnati Bengals
Def: New York Giants
K: Kris Brown- Houston Texans

B: Julius Jones- Seattle Seahawks- RB
B: David Garrard- Jacksonville Jaguars- QB
B: Chicago Bears
B: Nate Burelson- Seattle Seahawks- WR
B: Brent Celek- Philadelphia Eagles- TE
B: Kenny Britt- Tennessee Titans


Christmas Ape: Sky Baklava (1-0)

QB: Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints
WR: Wes Welker- New England Patriots
WR: Santanio Holmes- Pittsburgh Steelers
RB: Chris Johnson- Tennesse Titans
RB: Jamal Lewis- Cleveland Browns
TE: Jason Witten- Dallas Cowboys
WR/TE: Bernard Berrian- Minnesota Vikings
Def: New York Jets
K: Mason Crosby- Green Bay Packers

B: Donald Brown- Indianapolis Colts- RB
B: Felix Jones- Dallas Cowboys- RB
B: Rashard Mendenhall- Pittsburgh Steelers- RB
B: Isaac Bruce- San Francisco 49ers- WR
B: Joe Flacco- Baltimore Ravens- QB
B: Chester Taylor- Minnesota Vikings- RB


Week 1:

Top Performers-

This is self explanatory. The guys who had dominant performances at their positions.

QB: Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints. Owner- Ape. Guy threw for 6 fucking touchdowns in Week 1. Are you kidding me? If only he would have bombed I would’ve one upped everyone in the survivor pools. They were playing the Lions but that is impressive none the less

QB: Tony Romo- Dallas Cowboys. Owner- Flubby 353 yards and 3 TDs is a solid day for Mr. Romo. Maybe Jessica Simpson was a bad luck charm? Oh. Now I remember. It was fat. Not a bad luck charm.

QB: Tom Brady- New England Patriots. Owner- Punter. 350+ yards and 2 TDs. Solid performance on MNF.

WR: Reggie Wayne- Indianapolis Colts. Owner- Logic. 162 yards and 1 touchdown for Peyton Manning in the season debut and his first game as a #1 target.

WR: Santanio Holmes- Pittsburgh Steelers. Owner- Ape. 131 yards and 1 touchdown in the season opener on Thursday for the Steelers in their win. I said Ward is still the #1 and Holmes only had 1 good catch in his life. He’s slowly proving me wrong.

WR: Randy Moss- New England Patriots. Owner- Favarro Must Die. 140 yards. 0 TDs but 140 yards is like having 20 yards with 2 TDs. He’s a top performer in my mind.

RB: Adrian Peterson- Minnesota Vikings. Owner- Punter. I guess there is a reason Brees and Peterson were ranked #1 in their respective positions. 193 total yards and 3 TDs is nothing to laugh at.

RB: Thomas Jones- New York Jets. Owner- Max Balls. 100+ yards and 2 TDs. Solid performance in Sanchez’s big day.

TE: Jeremy Shockey- New Orleans Saints. Owner- Gimp Shockey had 2 TDs in Brees’ big day.

TE: John Carlson- Seattle Seahawks. Owner- James Brown. Had 95 yards and 2 TDs.

Def: Philadelphia Eagles. Owner- Gally. 5 sacks and 5 interceptions with 2 fumble recoveries 1 TD and one punt return for a TD.

Good/Bad Sit/Starts:

Ok, so this is where I’ll judge how people started or sat their players accordingly. Don’t get the title? Wonder what I’m talking about? Just you wait, the hallucinations didn’t even start yet.

Good Start: Percy Harvin- Minnesota Vikings. Owned by Gally. Had his first touchdown as pro.

Good Start: Devery Henderson- Got 106 yards and a TD for Punter.

Good Start: Cedric Benson- Owned by Favarro Must Die. 108 total yards and a TD

Good Sit: Anthony Fasano- Owned by Shiancock. Had 2 fumbles and ended up with negative fantasy points.

Bad Sit: Ray Rice- Baltimore Ravens. Owned by Punter. In that crowded backfield he had 120 total yards

Bad Sit: Cadillac Williams- Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Owned by Logic. I picked him up because I knew he was starting and he ended up doing well with 97 yards and 1 TD. What could I have done? Benched Michael Turner.

Bad Sit: Tim Hightower- Arizona Cardinals. Owned by Rob. Had 121 yards receiving today but I don’t know who I would’ve sat for him. Benson and Westbrook played on his level

Bad Sit: Jeremy Shockey- New Orleans Saints. Owned by Gimp. Real bad sit here. One of this week’s top performers. Gimp almost got away with it because Kellen Winslow had a decent game but Shockey is in a much better offense.

Bad Sit: John Carlson- Seattle Seahawks. Owned by James Brown. So now we have an ex-Giants player and an ex-Notre Dame player on the list? C’mon fellas. I’m going to call you out all day. Carlson had 2 TDs but we’ll see how Olson does. But then again, James Brown’s bench did better than his starters.

Bad Start: Pierre Thomas- New Orleans Saints. Owned by Gally. Mike Bell got the start due to Pierre Thomas’ injury. Thomas earned 0 points.

Bad Start: Knowshon Moreno- Denver Broncos. Owned by Bucholtz. Moreno had 19 yards in his rookie debut. Sad when Ricky Williams would’ve been a better start.

Bad Start: Matt Schaub- Houston Texans. Owned by Doktakra. Jets defense rocked his world.

Key Injuries:

WR: Hakeem Nicks- New York Giants. Was in a splint at the end of the game. (OUT 2-3 weeks)
QB: Donovan McNabb- Philadelphia Eagles. Seemed to have hurt his leg and was pulled by a coach’s decision. (OUT for at least a week. Listed as Questionable)
WR: Anthony Gonzalez- After not touching anyone and just falling to the floor he couldn’t put weight on his leg. (OUT 2-6 weeks)
Defense: Chicago Bears- Lost Brian Urlacher for an entire season last night.
RB: Pierre Thomas- New Orleans Saints is saying he is going to play next week and is listed as Questionable.
Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers’ Troy Palumalu is OUT for 3-6 weeks.

Key Pick Ups:

As I always say, the key to Fantasy Football is not the draft. Sure it helps, but the real key is that you watch the waiver wire. Every single year there is someone that goes undrafted and they blow up and become All-Pro. In recent memory, those players are Greg Jennings, Eddie Royal, Steve Slaton, Ray Rice, etc. These players are usually solid college players who end up in special situations where the excel and help out your fantasy team for as much time as you need, or are used as trade bait for an elite talent.

I’m going to monitor the pick ups of our fantasy contestants week to week, it just sucks that I (Logic) was the only one to make a pick up worth mentioning in week 1. Whatever. I’m conceited anyway.

Cadillac Williams- RB- Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I (Logic) went and got Cadillac right after Jon Gruden Black Guy went and announced he was the starter. This is the first time he is starting since 2007 and he has even more competition with Dunn, Graham and Ward. However, Cadillac is legit and went for 97 yards and a TD. Too bad it was on my bench.


Week 2:

Alright so we’ve had some pick ups and drops and I’ve updated the rosters. I’ve also added a record next to the owner’s name. I’ll get going with the analysis, but first:

Top Fantasy Performers:

QB: Matt Ryan- Owned by Shiancock. Had 220 yards and 3 TDs.

QB: Matt Schaub- Owned by Doktara. Had 357 yards and 4 TDs

QB: Drew Brees- Owned bt Ape. 311 yards and 3 Tds.

WR: Andre Johnson- Owned by Doktara. 149 yards 2 TDs.

WR: Marques Colston- Owned by Flubby. 98 yards and 2 Tds.

WR: Vincent Jackson- Owned by AB. 141 yards and 1 TD

WR: Mario Manningham- FREE AGENT. 150 yards and 1 TD for Manningham. I just would like the record to state that I said he will break out and be the NYG #1 target this year. Steve Smith also had a TD with 134 yards. So this is a shout out to the NYG WR core for making me look great.

RB: Chris Johnson- Owned by Ape. 284 total yards and 3 TDs. Of course this went against me.

RB: Frank Gore- Owned by Flubby. 246 total yards and 2 TDs.

RB: Darren Sproles- Owned by Doktara. 150 total yards and 1 TD. 200 return yards.

TE: Tony Gonzalez- Owned by Shiancock. 71 yards and 1 TD.

Good/Bad Sit/Starts.

Good Start: Phillip Rivers- Owned by AB. Gave him 29 points and had 436 yards with 2 TDs when Eli Manning had a stellar day.

Bad Start: Donnie Avery, owner by Unmotivated Leather. Got him negative points (-1.60).

Bad Start: Sammy Morris, Owned by Gimp. Gave him 1.80 points while Reggie Bush was on the bench with 13.35.

Bad Start: Tennessee Titans Defense. Got Favarro Must Die (-1) points.

Bad Start: Greg Jennings- Owned by Favarro Must Die. Did not play. Started over Steve Breaston with 8 points.

Bad Start: LaDanian Tomlinson. Owned by James Brown. Did not play for the Chargers. He had McGahee on his bench with 2 TDs for the 2nd week in a row and totaled at 20.50 fantasy points.

Bad Start: Josh Morgan. Owned by Maxine Balls. Did not play this week. Started over Mushin Muhammed who had 4.70 points. Might want to make a move. Kevin Walter also did not contribute.

Bad Sit: Darren Sproles, owner Doktara. He really didn’t need the points but Kevin Smith underperformed this week and if he did bad he would’ve kicked himself.

Bad Sit: Cedric Benson/Tim Hightower. Both owned by Favarro must die. He started Jonathon Stewart going against a good Atlanta rush Defense. Benson had 141 yards and Sgt. Hightower had 80+ yards and 1 TD

Bad Sit: Kellen Winslow- Owned by Gimp. Started Jeremy Shockey over him who had 4 points compared to Winslow’s 15.

Well that’s the breakdown for Week 2. I’ll add some heavy hitters after MNF. Looks like some guys either forgot to update their roster or stopped caring. We’ll see how week 3 plays out. I’ll be back. I have to go pick up Manningham.


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  1. September 13, 2009 8:15 pm

    I was extremely unprepared for this 1st week. It will not happen again. FYI I’m dropping the boom thus far against you this week in our matchup Logic.

    And it looks like McNabb has a fractured rib…aka lots of sand in the vagina. Seriously, it’s like a flesh wound…walk it off.

    • gally permalink*
      September 13, 2009 8:43 pm

      Hockey players would just tape that shit up, have a shot of Bourbon and get it done. So I guess Mike Vick will be a starter in this league again….

  2. September 15, 2009 7:26 pm

    How bad is it that I have the Defense that Ape wants. Yeah, time to start shifting WRs and TEs.

  3. September 15, 2009 11:48 pm

    My clash with James was pretty epic. Losing all the way through the weekend, and then the Chargers decided to stop sucking long enough to save my butt. Also, I went back and forth on the Williams/Moreno start all weekend; unfortunately, I definitely picked wrong there.


  1. green bay packers roster | What's going on!!

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