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Blogkakke 9-11 Edition

September 11, 2009

Twin Towers Sunrise Yeah, we’re assholes around here. We make fun of things we shouldn’t, and mock certain subjects relentlessly. It doesn’t mean that we’re complete assholes though. Today’s Blogkakke will be very 9/11/01 themed. Even though I’m Canadian, that day had an effect on the entire world. Really, it did. The normal Blogkakke will return tomorrow.

Musical Interlude:

M.I.A-Avenged Sevenfold

With Leather: Punter remembers September 11th
Warming Glow: Jon Stewart’s post first post 9/11 Daily Show opening.
KSK: Ufford presents, The NFL and America a 9/11 tribute.
ESPN: Bill Simmons post 9/11 article
You Tube: David Letterman’s reflection on the incident on his first show back after the attack.
Midwest Sports Fans: George Bush throwing out the first pitch at the 2001 World Series.
NY Mag: What if 9/11 never happened.
NY Times: Remembering the horror of a bright blue morning.

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