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Morning After Pill

September 10, 2009

The NFL starts tonight, so all other sports but college football are irrelevant until February. Maybe a little hockey also.

MLB: That Derek Jeter fellow who plays for the New York Yankees is pretty decent. Yesterday he tied Yankee great Lou Gehrig atop the all time Yankee hit record with 2721 hits. Oh and the Yanks beat the Rays 4-2. Seth Smith hit a 2 out, 2RBI walkoff single to lead the Rockies over the Reds 4-3. It was their 6th win in a row as they increased their lead in the Wild Card chase.

NFL: Denver malcontent, Brandon Marshall, is now in talks with the team to extend his contract. Is that like those late night eXtenze commercials? Noted marble mouth and dancing Queen, Emmit Smith has called out Tony Romo and Wade Phillips. He says that it’s time for those two to take charge and lead the team. How dare he say that. Romo is a god damn star I tell ya. So would Jerry Jones if he didn’t have his fingers in his ears shouting la la la, I can’t hear you whenever anybody mentions the glaring fault in his new stadium.

NBA: Allen Iverson, is now apparently the answer for the Memphis Grizzlies. He was for all intents and purposes blacklisted this summer, and nobody wanted a piece of him. But that’s over now, and he can extend his career for one more year. Yay, but is he going to have to practice?

NHL: So the bidding for the Phoenix Coyotes is down to just Jim Balsille and The NHL. So the two Rivals are the last two standing in a messy battle royale. As a side note, if a bus runs over Gary Bettman in the woods, and there’s no witness’, does anybody care?

College Football: Nick Saban reached an extension with Alabama that will pay him $5M in bonuses if he stays for the remaining 9 years. It also averages out to $4.7M per year, with the condition in place that he must be one of the top 5 paid coaches in the Nation, or top e in the SEC. God, I’m totally in the wrong profession.

US. Open, Womens: Melanie Oudin’s fairy tale US. Open is over. ESPN also thinks that it’s important to know that her parent’s are getting a divorce. Really ESPN, do we need to know that, or does anybody care. Yeah she’s 17, but so what? Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. It’s not news.

US. Open, Mens: Roger Federer made it to his record setting 22nd consecutive Grand Slam semifinal. But he ran into some trouble. His opponent didn’t just lie down and let Fererer have his way with him. He actually played back, and it took 4 sets for Federer to win. Sigh, ESPN sometimes you are far too much of a sensationalist. The article makes it sound like Federer was supposed to win 6-0 6-0 6-0, and it’s amazing that he didn’t. In related news, I’ve successfully completed my last three Grand Slam breakfast’s from Denny’s without vomiting.

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