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September 9, 2009

How come I never thought of that?

How come I never thought of that?

Alright kiddies, it’s time again for the daily Blogkakke.  If you have any tips, suggestions or you just want to tell us how unfunny we are leave something in the comments or use our contact information, it’s up at the top right.  Enjoy.

Musical Interlude:He’s now the lead guitarist for Guns ‘N Roses, but I think he’s wasting his talent on Axl.

Sportress of Blogitude: Weed expertly FJM’s Rick Reilly’s latest and most useless column.
Blog Critics: Doktakra goes over 15 years of collecting Sacramento Kings Artifacts.
Sports Pickle: Big Daddy Drew’s first “fake” sports story.
New York Mag: Have your heard of this William F. Leitch character?  He introduces us to the new sports section over at NY Mag.
The Rookies: Cool Hwhip takes us through his week one victory as a college football backup.
The Phoenix Pub: Yesterday we had reasons to hate your QB’s.  Today we have AFC QB breakdowns by James Brown.
OC Register:  Interesting, but insensitive sports article by Mark Whicker. Some are calling it the worst article ever. His last line alone, makes him deserve whatever hatred/hate mail you can send his way.  via Bucholtz, and well everyone.
Sports Illustrated: Sigh. Joe Posnanski calls this his first attempt at a Peter King like article… Read it anyway.
Sports Illustrated:  Stefan Fatsis interviews Nate Jackson, an NFL roster cut casualty. via. Unsilent.

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