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Night Cap with Logic

September 8, 2009

Alright so I’ll definitely get a solid post but let me shoot a Night Cap your way to get you drunk and lubed up. Is that the story of my life, or what? While I spend my day’s trying to get Melanie Oudin to notice me, I spend my day finding links.

Like this one article about a couple that got married at their son’s funeral. I really can’t even think of a joke for this. Sometimes stuff is so mean that I don’t even need to make it mean. Unless it was an abortion. And then there’s really no reason to marry her anymore. Am I right, fellas? /boocatholics

Speaking of the US Open, well before the abortion/dead children humor, Andy Murray (the #2 seed) has been eliminated. What this really means is that with Venus Williams, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova out of the tournament not many people are caring about Tennis. Some will try to argue this Melanie Oudin story which is cute. Cute, but wrong. No one cares about Tennis anymore. Except if Federer plays Nadal. Or Serena plays Oudin. Then we have stories again.

Here is a mock draft (version 4.0) from the “Pros” over at ESPN. I really don’t understand why they are mock drafting for Fantasy Football. Let’s break that down. A fourth version of a fake draft about a sport that doesn’t truly exist. Now tell me that you can’t that type of advice from me, Gally and Gimp with a straight face and I’ll straight punch you in the liver. Bas Rutten style.

Alright. You all nice and lubed up now? I need to go find something amazing. If I don’t, send me something and force me to write about it. Just e-mail us and request for “The Douche Bag” as my name is going around in blogging circles.

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