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Morning After Pill

September 8, 2009

Hey everybody, it’s been a good week around here. Logic got challenged to a fight/threatened with violence for a post he did. If you weren’t around yesterday, and didn’t get a chance to see the recap of the Fantasy Draft I recommend checking it out. Gimp will eventually add his two cents, but he’s got that whole I’m in University thing going for him.

College Football: On a Monday? What the fuck? Oh right, it’s the first week of the season and it’s a holiday. I’m not complaining, well I am but it’s more because I had to work and didn’t get to see it. Why does that matter? Because the game was EPIC. There were 6 lead changes, including 4 in the last quarter. Miami, came from out of nowhere to beat the FSU Seminoles 38-34. FSU had 5 chances from in Miami’s 5 yard line to end the game, but couldn’t come out with the score. Bobby Bowden, a 44 year Head Coach at the collegiate level called it one of the best three games that he’s ever seen. Stupid work.

NFL: You’ve all heard about Shawne Merriman and his incident with Tila Tequila. Well she has come out of her shy little shell to say that Judgement Day. So does this mean that she’s a Terminator as well? Richard Seymour has not reported to the Raiders. Wow that’s a mess. Tom Cable says that he talked to Seymour and he wants to be there. He claims that Seymour has a few issues with the Patriots that he wants to work out. Yeah, like why the hell did you trade me to that hell hole, I would have taken the discount to stay here. The Patriots are claiming they have no idea that there’s an issue with the trade. Even if they did, they’d probably announce it as Seymour having a bruised elbow and he’s day to day.

MLB: Well lookie this. The Pirates have guaranteed a MLB record 17th consecutive losing season. If only the Steelers could reclaim the losing glory that has befallen the Pirates, or the up until recently Penguins. Why the hell is there so many Pittsburgh fans everywhere? It makes me want to punch a baby Unicorn. The Rockies won their 4th straight game to keep place as the NL wild card leader. Good for them.

NBA: Allan Iverson has a face to face meeting with the Grizzlies. Congrats, I guess he’s not blackballed after all although he may have wanted to be if the only option is to play for the Grizzlies.

NHL: The NHL could impose a $195M relocation fee for Jim Balsille to move the Coyotes from Phoenix to Hamilton. Wow, what a bag of dicks Gary Bettman is. He’s claiming the damage to the NHL. Wow, what a bag of dicks Gary Bettman is. He’s claiming the damage to the NHL would far succeed that level, and therefore has a right to claim that much. Fuck you Bettman, right in the fucking face. That’s the worst possible place to have an NHL team. Right in the middle of the desert. The ice is shitty there as a result, and the stadium is one of the emptiest in the league.

This is as upset as she gets?

This is as upset as she gets?

US. Open, Womens: Melanie Oudin, the 17 year old American continues to surprise. After losing 1-6 in the first set yesterday, she rallied to win and advance to the Quarterfinals. Oudin is the one who ended Maria Sharapova’s comeback from injury in the last round. I tried to find an uspset picture, of her, but the best I could find was this one.

US. Open, Mens: Federer and Djokovic advanced, while Isner lost, which means that for the first time at a US. Open, there will be no American in the quarterfinals. Federer’s opponent is the guy he pasted at the French Open final which means that there’s a high possibility that Federer will win yet another US. Open and pad his record Major total.

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  1. September 8, 2009 8:11 am

    If he seriously wants to fight me, I’ll get in contact with Matt Serra (a Long Island native) and see if he wants to guest referee. Here are my demands.

    • September 8, 2009 11:15 am

      Matt Serra can lick my taint…

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