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September 8, 2009

No Sense

Good evening folks. I hope you had a good day. Blogkakke is our daily collection of links and the bestest the interwebs have to offer. If you have something for here, or just have something to say you can hit up the comment section or all of our contact information is up at the top right.

Musical Interlude:

The Links:

The Phoenix Pub: James Browns take on the Merriman/Tequila case.
Style Points: A reason to hate the starting QB for every team.
ESPN: Pat Forde’s, Forde Yard Dash. 40 points about the previous college football week.
Dan Shanoff: Dan’s own top 25 ranking with the logic behind it.
Buckeye Blog: An actual member of the AP’s top 25, with reasoning, and no Florida as number one.
Blog Critics: Sussman’s take on Mark Reynolds ability to strike out.
Warming Glow: Henry Rollins vs. Ron Perlman. That sounds like it might get some blogkakke on it.
Sportress of Blogitude: Would you enjoy an nooner with Brittany Umar?

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