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The Gally Blog Fantasy Football Draft

September 7, 2009

First thing to pop intor our heads when we hear the phrase "Fantasy Football."

First thing to pop into our heads when we hear the phrase "Fantasy Football."

So the first annual Gally Blog Blogger Fantasy Football happened yesterday. 9/12 of the players managed to show up, while the other three got auto drafted. Logic was one of those three as he was on a plane, so we’ll forgive him even though he got a decent team out of it. It was a serpentine draft, and even though I could list the whole thing in order we’re we’re going to just list it team by team so you can mock each team. Or praise it. Or not even read this article. Whatever.

Logic: Hey Gallions. Sorry I missed the draft. I had a plane at 4PM, Chicago time, and then didn’t get home until about 8:30PM Eastern. I was really pissed that I missed the draft and even madder that I had pick #2 and couldn’t map out a strategy for it. All my other drafts have been at the back end. All my dates are like that too. So I guess I’ll give a little analysis on each guy’s team and give their best picks, worst picks and any steals that they grabbed.

Monday Morning Punter-Unmotivated Leather:
1. (1) Adrian Peterson
2. (24) Tom Brady
3. (25) Ronnie Brown
4. (48) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
5. (49) Antonio Gates
6. (72) Larry Johnson
7. (73) Donnie Avery
8. (96) Ray Rice
9. (97) Lee Evans
10. (120) Nate Washington
11. (121) James Davis
12. (144) Devery Henderson
13. (145) Miles Austin
14. (168) John Kasay
15. (169) New England
Logic: Punter grabbed the first pick and obviously had to go with Adrian Peterson. I always hated that pressure. Like a few years ago when LaDanian Tomlinson was in his prime, you just had to pick him. I don’t like that because then he gets hurt and it either sucks for you or he does amazing and you don’t pick him and then people say you suck at life. Punter went with the former and you can’t bash him for that. I think his best pick was waiting until the 15th round to take New England’s defense. I’m sure I would have taken the Giants defense in the 8th round given that I was there and he waited that long to grab a defense that is going to be just as solid even though they lost Richard Seymour. I think Ronnie Brown is going to hurt his team a little bit. If you take away his 4 TD game against New England it almost halves his total on the season. Not to mention he isn’t much of a pass catcher but I’m looking and the only pick in the 3rd round that I would’ve grabbed over him was either Philip Rivers of Thomas Jones. Now that I’m looking at the draft results, seeing Tom Brady go in the last pick of the 2nd round seems like that is one of the most insane things I’ve seen in a while.

Gally: A very good selection. Don’t take this the wrong way Punter, but I hope Brady’s other knee gets mangled this year.  I’d be hesitant to take a Ram for a WR, but I guess that shows some balls.  Or some pre-draft paint huffing.

Logic-Donte’s DD(autodraft):
1. (2) Michael Turner
2. (23) Marion Barber
3. (26) Reggie Wayne
4. (47) Terrell Owens
5. (50) Antonio Bryant
6. (71) Carson Palmer
7. (74) Owen Daniels
8. (95) Minnesota
9. (98) Stephen Gostkowski
10. (119) Fred Jackson
11. (122) Michael Crabtree
12. (143) Chris Chambers
13. (146) Jake Delhomme
14. (167) Heath Miller
15. (170) San Diego
Logic: I really don’t even want to comment on my own team. I like having Michael Turner because if he has the season he did last year, I’m set. But I think he’ll slump. If I was drafting I would have went Matt Forte or MJD. I really dislike that I grabbed a kicker in the 9th round. That’s ridiculous. I also grabbed two defenses in rounds 8 and 15. I’m going to be dropping San Diego when I have a chance to look at see the free agents out there. I think grabbing Carson Palmer in the 6th round is going to be really big for my team. It allowed me to secure some talent in the higher rounds while others were grabbing QBs that could end up playing on par with the former All Pro QB. I think the worst pick I made was Owen Daniels in the 7th round. Those three picks in a row make me want to hang myself. I’m sure some of you would love to see that. Especially considering Greg Olsen was picked that round and I am actually googling “How to Make a Noose”.  I think a great pick is going to be Fred Jackson, a guy who I can exploit for a few weeks while Lynch can’t get into “Beast Mode” and then drop his ass for a riser.

Gally:I’m not as high on Bryant or Palmer as logic is, but I just might not be as high in general.  Fred Jackson is a definite great pick, at least for the first three weeks of the season.  I really have to commend Yahoo fantasy sports though.  They had Michael Crabtree rated as about the 94th best player in all of Fantasy Football.  Even though he hasn’t signed a contract yet.  Bravo good sirs.

Gally-Plax’s Shiv Advisor:
1. (3) Matt Forte
2. (22) Pierre Thomas
3. (27) Aaron Rodgers
4. (46) Hines Ward
5. (51) Dallas Clark
6. (70) Donald Driver
7. (75) LenDale White
8. (94) Philadelphia
9. (99) Le’Ron McClain
10. (118) Percy Harvin
11. (123) David Akers
12. (142) Brady Quinn
13. (147) Fred Taylor
14. (166) Jeremy Maclin
15. (171) Kevin Boss

Gally: Man oh man. I started strong and then made some Blunders. Yes I capitalized it, because it was that bad. Le’Ron McClain had 10TD’s last year, so he was a steal right. Fuck and no. Now he’s splitting carries with Ray Rice and Willis McGahee. Philadelphia as a D, and in the 8th round? Yeah I got a little panicky when 3 D’s got picked before me, but their D Co-Ordinator died, so it’ll be a new system. And it’s Philadelphia. Akers? Akers? Well I blame that one on the fact that pick got autodrafted because I timed out. Then theres the fact that 4 of my top 7 picks have the same by week. Bueller? Bueller?
Logic: I’m looking at Gally’s draft and I’m not seeing what he’s seeing. I guess I’m in an optimistic mood after getting my life threatened. Welcome to the Internet. Ok, so if I was drafting Gally wouldn’t have had a shot at Forte and I’d be telling him getting Turner at 3 is a steal. So kudos, Gally. I also feel like he grabbed Aaron Rodgers high, but the guy is going to have a phenomenal season so it’ll probably end up being a steal. I’m also killing myself for not being there after seeing Fred Taylor go in the 13th round while I’m taking Michael Crabtree who could sit out the whole season.

Max-Vick’s Dead Eagles
1. (4) DeAngelo Williams
2. (21) Calvin Johnson
3. (28) Thomas Jones
4. (45) Donovan McNabb
5. (52) Santana Moss
6. (69) Kevin Walter
7. (76) Darren McFadden
8. (93) Joseph Addai
9. (100) Visanthe Shiancoe
10. (117) Matt Cassel
11. (124) Shonn Greene
12. (141) Muhsin Muhammad
13. (148) Josh Morgan
14. (165) Cincinnati
15. (172) Jason Elam
Logic: Well if you can’t tell that this guy is an Eagles fan than you just can’t read. Taking Donovan McNabb is an awful pick at the 4th round. I like his first two picks a lot even though I loathe him as a person. I think Williams is going to have a good year because he is an amazing player. It stinks that Stewart gets every carry inside the 20 yard line but that could change this year. I also think getting Calvin Johnson at pick 21 is incredibly insane and I wish he would have last two more picks because I probably could have grabbed him with best on board. He did do the smart thing and take a defense in the 14th and a kicker in the 15th. The thing is, the defense is terrible. Taking Cincinnati’s defense is like trying betting on Joe Theisman to win a foot race.

Gally:Cock. Calvin Johnson had just been there one pick later, he would have been mine. I agree that McNabb went way too early for his potential.  He’s already pouting that Vick might get 5 snaps a game, and he’s the one who pushed for the Eagles to sign Vick.  Make up your mind you fuckwad.  Shonn Green is a great potential sleeper, while Addai and McFadden are sleeping at the wheel picks.  Addai will be splitting carries, as will McFadden who also has to play behind the excuse for a line/team that is Oakland.  The Cincinnati D? I hope you prove me wrong, but I think you would have been better picking up my Coed volleyball team to be your defense.  Just as many points would be scored.

Andrew Bucholtz-Cameron’s Wake:
1. (5) Maurice Jones-Drew
2. (20) Steve Smith
3. (29) Philip Rivers
4. (44) Vincent Jackson
5. (53) Marshawn Lynch
6. (68) Knowshon Moreno
7. (77) Chris Cooley
8. (92) Derrick Mason
9. (101) Dallas
10. (116) Laveranues Coles
11. (125) Eli Manning
12. (140) Ricky Williams
13. (149) Earl Bennett
14. (164) Nate Kaeding
15. (173) Billy Miller
Logic: I’m looking at this guy’s team and there seems to be a lot of “What ifs”. I mean MJD is going to shoulder the load in Jacksonville. Fred Taylor is out of town and they don’t have a good QB. Philip Rivers is an amazing QB with a lot of weapons. Grabbing Vincent Jackson as well as Rivers is tough because then one when falters its going to hinder the other. It’s not like getting Moss and Brady. But back to my questions. Lynch is going to be an ok pick when he comes back. Hopefully, Moreno’s injury isn’t serious. Is Coles going to work out for the Bengals? Will Ricky Williams Snoop Dog himself right out of the league? Is Earl Bennett going to become Jay Cutler’s favorite target? We will see and if those questions turn into Yes then we’re looking at the #1 team in the league

Gally:Too many question marks.  Like who is Billy Miller?  Cooley’s a stud, and Eli is probably the best backup QB that anybody got.  It’s too shaky for my liking though.  It reminds me of last years Hockey Pool where almost my entire team was made up of dark horses.  Did it work, well I was in first place for the entire third week of the season, but unfortunately the Hockey season didn’t end after 3 weeks.

Rob from WI-Favarro Must Die:
1. (6) Brian Westbrook
2. (19) Randy Moss
3. (30) Greg Jennings
4. (43) Kurt Warner
5. (54) Jonathan Stewart
6. (67) Anthony Gonzalez
7. (78) Willie Parker
8. (91) Tennessee
9. (102) Cedric Benson
10. (115) Steve Breaston
11. (126) Domenik Hixon
12. (139) Tony Scheffler
13. (150) Chad Pennington
14. (163) Tim Hightower
15. (174) Nick Folk
Logic: I kind of wish his team name was Favre Should Die, after seeing old Brett’s commercial about mind changing. I like how he grabbed Cedric Benson really late and a Giants WR. Benson gets like 95% of the carries for that team since Chris Perry went to the UFL and sucks. Hixon looks like he’s the #1 target and someone is going to catch these balls for that team. You can’t sleep on him. Apparently, Anthony Gonzalez is the #1 target for Peyton over in Indy as well. So I think that’s a solid pick. And if Willie Parker stays healthy and keeps that job then that’s a great pick. If Rashard Mendenhall takes over, not so much.

Gally: Rob, Rob, Rob. Westbrook was a great first round pick the last couple years, but not this year. He’s brittle, and almost never plays a full season. Throw in the fact that whiny bitch QB #2 has so many other offensive weapons that I think his touches are going to drop this year. If Parker stays healthy this is the making of a solid team, other than the week when noodle arm pennington is taking the snaps. 

Gimp-Ghost of Sean Taylor:
1. (7) Larry Fitzgerald
2. (18) Peyton Manning
3. (31) Roddy White
4. (42) Derrick Ward
5. (55) Kellen Winslow
6. (66) Matt Hasselbeck
7. (79) Reggie Bush
8. (90) Baltimore
9. (103) Torry Holt
10. (114) Jeremy Shockey
11. (127) Ryan Longwell
12. (138) Hakeem Nicks
13. (151) Ahmad Bradshaw
14. (162) Vernon Davis
15. (175) Matt Prater
Logic: Gimp looks like he drafted using the Logic handbook. He waited until the 4th round to grab a RB. Even though Tampa Bay has a crowded backfield, Ward is the clear starter. They spent the cash to go get him. He also made up for his lack of RB talent with an outstanding WR core and arguably the best QB in the league. I think he grabbed two solid TEs but drafting two kickers and three TEs seems like overkill. I don’t know if he was on auto-pick at that time but whatever. Hakeem Nicks also looks like he has the most promise of all the rookie WRs entering the year. He had the best Pre Season for sure.

Gally: I forgive you the third TE. The flex spot can be a TE. The second kicker was a touch much. Did you realize when you were making picks that Tampa is going to finish last in the NFC South?  Winslow already got payed, so he doesn’t have to show up anymore. If their line continues the issues they had last year, Ward isn’t  going to amount to snot.  And Reggie Bush? Hahahahahaha.

1. (8) Steve Slaton
2. (17) Ryan Grant
3. (32) Anquan Boldin
4. (41) Tony Gonzalez
5. (56) Matt Ryan
6. (65) Beanie Wells
7. (80) Lance Moore
8. (89) Jerricho Cotchery
9. (104) Leon Washington
10. (113) Ben Roethlisberger
11. (128) Green Bay
12. (137) Anthony Fasano
13. (152) Chris Henry
14. (161) Kevin Curtis
15. (176) Garrett Hartle
Logic: Ah, Shiancock. The one who was hailed for having the best name. If we were doing a keeper league, Adam would by far have the best team. I think he stretched with grabbing a TE in the 4th round. Beanie Wells is hurt and might be a “band-aid” I also think that he grabbed Matt Ryan too high but at that point it seemed like 8 or 9 QBs were off the board so he got him exactly where he would be ranked out of the QBs. And I’m not going to lie, I don’t know who Garrett Hartle is. I’m assuming he’s a kicker though. So yeah.

Gally: I would google Hartle, but that seems an awful amount of work. Chris Henry. If he can stay out of jail, this could be his year to shine.  And I’m not talking shoes as a backup career. I think Green Bay is going to shake the shit they were covered in last year right off, so that’s a great place to pick up a D. Not as great as Punter, but hey we can’t all live in our mothers basements and blog about football and sports.  Slaton and Boldin were great pickups though. 

James Brown-The Godfathers(autodraft):
1. (9) LaDainian Tomlinson
2. (16) Clinton Portis
3. (33) Dwayne Bowe
4. (40) Brandon Marshall
5. (57) Roy Williams
6. (64) Jay Cutler
7. (81) Greg Olsen
8. (88) Pittsburgh
9. (105) Rob Bironas
10. (112) Willis McGahee
11. (129) John Carlson
12. (136) Kyle Orton
13. (153) Mark Clayton
14. (160) Mark Bradley
15. (177) Carolina
Logic: James Brown looks like he has a solid first 7 picks. I like them all. Grabbing Tomlinson in the first round is ok, when it’s at the back end. Portis in the second round is good too. If this was a 2007 draft, he’d probably win the league. Marshall is rough because you don’t know when he’s going to channel his inner Ike Turner. Jay Cutler has a lot of questions to answer with his first season with the Bears. I like WIllis McGahee but it’s a crowded backfield and Ray Rice might have won the job out of training camp. Grabbing a kicker in the 9th round sounds like he was on auto-draft as well. I don’t know, I was busy on auto-draft. Again, I think Greg Olsen is the steal of the draft. Especially because we get to use two TEs in this league.

Gally: Another autodraft, but JB didn’t have an excuse so I’ll just pretend that he was there. Two kickers and two D’s. Rookie mistake. This is another team full of question marks. LT2 could have just been nursing a toe injury last year. Or he could have been growing an amazing pearl in his vagina. Cutler and the neckbeard, wow! Cutler could shine, or he could throw 300 passes to Olsen when he realizes Hester is more of a decoy than a #1 WR. Bowe was good last year. Watch him make the leap this year with an actual semi-competent QB in Cassel. 

Doktakra-Sac-town Kings:
1. (10) Steven Jackson
2. (15) Andre Johnson
3. (34) Kevin Smith
4. (39) Eddie Royal
5. (58) DeSean Jackson
6. (63) Matt Schaub
7. (82) Darren Sproles
8. (87) Devin Hester
9. (106) Ted Ginn Jr.
10. (111) Miami
11. (130) LeSean McCoy
12. (135) Dustin Keller
13. (154) Brett Favre
14. (159) Jerious Norwood
15. (178) Neil Rackers
Logic: I love his first two picks. Steven Jackson is a premiere back in this league. It’s not his fault that his team is miserable and the line sucks and he gets hurt and his QB gets hurt and the defense sucks. Andre Johnson is also a great steal because he gets 100 catches and 1300 yards on a team that gives up sacks in the 60s. I don’t really like the Eddie Royal pick because even though I think he is a great QB, I don’t think Orton can get it there. He was also the one to take Favre. THAT guy.

Gally: Bad place to take a bad D. Well not bad, just not a top 10 D this year. The old dirty gunslinger backing up porcelain Tiny Dancer Matt Schaub? Risky to say nothing else. Ginn might make up some points if he has some great return games. Same for Hester if they give up on the experiment and use him where he’s valid. As someone said during the draft, “maybe he should have taken Candace Parker as his tight end”.

Flubby-Tequila Mockingbirds(autodraft):
1. (11) Frank Gore
2. (14) Brandon Jacobs
3. (35) Marques Colston
4. (38) Tony Romo
5. (59) Braylon Edwards
6. (62) Chad Ochocinco
7. (83) Zach Miller
8. (86) New York
9. (107) Kris Brown
10. (110) Julius Jones
11. (131) Deion Branch
12. (134) David Garrard
13. (155) Nate Burleson
14. (158) Chicago
15. (179) Brent Celek
Logic: The mysterious entity, Flubby. In my draft with my friends from hometown, I got pick 12. At pick #10, Frank Gore and Jacobs were available. I was so happy. If you remember, I ended up with Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson. Flubby was able to grab both guys that I think are going to have monster years. Gore is one of the few backs that gets ALL of the carries for his team and Jacobs is going to be worked even more than his 1100 yard year last season. If Edwards and Ochocinco can play like they used to, he’s going to have a really really solid team.

Gally: Flubby said he was going to be there but alas, he was the final auto-draft. I’m going to assume that as an auto-draft Celek was his second kicker. Wasn’t it that long ago we knew all the kickers? Now we have to google half of them. If Gore can stay healthy this is a solid team. If not he’ll have to hope Ocho Cinco and Edwards aren’t all droppy useless wastes of skin this year.  He did get the best D and if Hasselbeck returns to all star form those two Seattle receivers could have great years. 

Xmas Ape-Sky Baklava:
1. (12) Drew Brees
2. (13) Chris Johnson
3. (36) Wes Welker
4. (37) Jason Witten
5. (60) Santonio Holmes
6. (61) Bernard Berrian
7. (84) Donald Brown
8. (85) Felix Jones
9. (108) New York
10. (109) Jamal Lewis
11. (132) Rashard Mendenhall
12. (133) Michael Jenkins
13. (156) Mason Crosby
14. (157) Joe Flacco
15. (180) Chester Taylor
Logic: Ape had the last pick and that usually entails the most thinking. You can’t even make an order of who you want to grab because after your two picks in a row, you have to wait close to an hour for your next two. He was the first one to grab a QB and if you were to do that, Brees is your guy. Brady and Peyton have too many questions. You know Brees with throw for 4,000 yards and 32 TDs. How do you not pick that? Chris Johnson had a break out performance and I think LenDale White will get eventually get 0 carries a game. I also think Rashard Mendenhall is going to have a break out year. Just don’t tell the guy who took Willie Parker earlier.

Gally: Ape was the last guy to show up. I thought we were going to have another auto-draft but thankfully that wasn’t the case. We all knew he was going to be heavy on Steelers, it was inevitable. But it wasn’t due to his homerism. The Steelers that he took, were great fits for the spots he took them in. He took Brown a little early for my liking, but like Addai was his rookie year and James before that, the Colts have a way with rookie RB’s. Look for Brown to potentially have a monster year.  Maybe I’m the fool, but how do you pick the Jets as your Defense. I guess writing a book about football doesn’t mean you know everything.  Great draft by Ape, and hopefully he interviews as well as he drafts. 

Logic: Ok, that was my draft analysis. I’m told Gally and Gimp are going to get on here and give it some thought and add to this post. We’re going to triple team it. Just like we triple teamed your sister.  A big thumbs up for everyone that came out and drafted. Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. Touchdown Jesus was calling my name. Suck it Wolverines!, GO IRISH GO!

Gally: Overall it was a great draft and I look forward to beating all the other contestants. Stay tuned for weekly updates/mockings. 

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  1. September 9, 2009 5:45 am

    All I can say is that I wouldn’t have had to be autodrafted, Gally. Just saying.

    And Max, my high-school classmate Eric Bruntlett is laughing at that team of yours right now.

    Good luck to all. Except Max.

    • gally permalink*
      September 9, 2009 6:13 am

      If it makes you feel better, you were the last guy to be cut from the roster. You did make my reading rotation though. Feel free to come by and heckle us all.

      • September 9, 2009 6:41 am

        Gracias. I’ll take you up on that.

      • September 9, 2009 10:15 am

        I’m starting to like this JStarr guy.

        • gally permalink*
          September 9, 2009 10:41 am

          Somebody who went to the fire EB post that you linked to, called them out also.


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