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The Patriots Know Something That We Don’t

September 6, 2009

Does this make me look fat?

Does this make me look fat?

The Patriots, masters of evil plans and disinformation must know something that the rest of us don’t know. Last year, wonderboy and lover of goats, Tom Brady, went down for the season with a serious knee injury. Backup Matt Cassel came in and performed well enough to earn a $63M contract from KC in the offseason. The Pats took it in stride like they seem to do with everything. That meant 3d string Kevin O’Connell was bumped to number two. They brought in Raiders reject Andrew Walter to be the new number three. I’m the anti-Patriots but if anybody could develop a Raider reject, it’s the Pats.

Then the other day, they cut O’Connell a mere 16 months after drafting him, even though they almost always develop their players from within. It was shocking, but it’s the Pats so not too shocking. Now news has broken that even the mighty evil one could not in fact turn a Raider turd into Patriot gold. The Pats have given Walter his walking papers. So who does that leave? Well it leaves an undrafted rookie from Michigan State, Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer was a career 55.8% thrower, with a 35-23 TD-Int ratio. For a comparison that I’ll get blasted for, Colt Brennan was a 70.5% passer with a 131-43 TD-Int ratio and he still can’t even lock down a #2 position. But hey, they seem to both get lucky and know what they’re doing. When they drafted Tom Brady with the 199th pick, they were debating drafting Tim Rattay instead. Look how well that turned out for them.

All things being Patriots though, they have an untested and not very successful college QB backing up Brady. If somebody Bernard Pollard’s Brady this year, It’s not going to be another Cassel success story. It’s going to be an aging defense with holes in it, trying it’s best to stop the bleeding, while Fred Taylor and Laurence Maroney carry the ball 40 times a game and Randy Moss pouts. But in all likelihood they could just trade their recently acquired 2011 1st round pick for a backup or disgruntled starter.

Wait a minute, how did they just get a 1st round pick? It’s the end of the offseason.

Well friends, that is because the Patriots just traded away a bonafied premiere defensive lineman Richard Seymour to the Raiders. You say that he’s not really a premiere DL, and to that I say bullshit. He’s been an integral part of that Patriots defense, and he can play DE or DT or OLB depending on the situation and whether it’s a 3-4, 4-3 or hybrid defense. Sure he’s going to be 30 by the end of the year, but Jason Taylor won Defensive Player of the Year at the age of 32.

This is a trade that I don’t really understand. Yes, both he and Vince Wilfork are UFA’s at the end of the season, but Master Belichick has a way with getting players to stay and maybe sign for a little less for the chance to win. Yes, the Raiders could be horrible in two years, and the Pats would theoretically reap the benefits of that in the draft, but that’s a risky gamble.

Without a change to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, next year’s season could be played without a salary cap. And the year after that, which is when the Pat’s would get this pick, there is no CBA and there could be no season. If there’s no season , it doesn’t matter if you get the #1 draft pick. I completely understand trading a guy for top value if you think he’s going to have a decline in production. What I don’t understand is trading a guy who’s still a valuable and versatile cog in the Patriots machinery. What I don’t understand even further is trading him for a draft pick when there will be no CBA at that point in time.

So what must be happening is Kraft must know something that the rest of us don’t, and has fed Coach Wife Swap some information. That’s the only way that this makes sense. There are a lot of guys reporting on this and talking about the fact that the Raiders will probably be bad in two years, so the Pats will get a good pick. Everybody is also talking about the fact that as a UFA, Seymour may only play the one year in Oakland before signing somewhere else, maybe the Patriots. But not a lot of us folks that think we know something about football are talking about the lack of a CBA and how this will affect the trade.

To me it doesn’t make sense, but really most of what the Patriots and the Raiders have done lately doesn’t make any sense to me or anybody really. If you claim to understand the Pats, you have the hometown blinders on or are being dishonest with yourself. Maybe this is just some weird case of the Evil leading the blind. Or to be more precise, Belichick leading Al Davis, though potentially Al Davis got the better end of this deal.

Oh shit, he's looking right at me.

Oh shit, he's looking right at me.

You think you know better than me?

You think you know better than me?

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  1. September 6, 2009 7:07 pm

    The patriots have proven that “they don’t need you”. They’ll get rid of anyone if it costs too much or their head gets too big. Ask Deion Branch. How’s his career in Seattle? Where WRs go to die. They also lost Bruschi, Vrabel and Rodney Harrison as of recent but I’m sure they’ll still win the division.

  2. gally82 permalink*
    September 7, 2009 2:47 am

    I concur that they generally follow that policy, but Branch was different. He held out for money. There’s no outside indication that Seymour will.

    I’m not so sure that they’ve got this division wrapped up anymore. That defense is shaky. Holes all over the secondary. A partially complete LB core, depending on whether they do 3-4 or 4-3, and now issues on line(again depending on formation). Sure they have Adalius Thomas, but what has he done since they’ve signed him? Squat is the answer that you’re looking for.

  3. September 7, 2009 11:12 am

    Adalius Thomas and Jerrod Mayo are solid players but without those big lineman in front of them grabbing double teams every single play, it enables them to get blocked down field, get swallowed up. Just like Brian Urlacher did when he lost his 2 d-tackles that year.

    I don’t know if New England is going to be hurt in all this, I sure hope so.

    • gally82 permalink*
      September 7, 2009 11:37 am

      I hope so too. As a Colt fan, and not a bandwagon one, I loathe the Patriots. To make things worse, my own mother jumped on the Pats bandwagon in the 18-1 season……

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