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South Bend Re(Night)Cap with Logic

September 6, 2009

Hey what’s up Gallions? Shout out to my night owls that check this shit on the reg. I just got back from the airport like 2 hours ago. And after 72 hours of drinking I think my trachea is tired. I should have looked into a alcoholic enema or something.

As I’m catching up around here, it looks like Gally and Gimp held down the fort perfectly. Even threw in a few rape/abortion jokes to make up for the loss of me. We have to make our quota!

I have to say that this might have been single greatest weekend of my life. We took an 11:00AM flight from NY to Chicago. By that time I already had a Bloody Mary. Oh and I had a drink too. I had to get a little hair of the dog that bit me. I had drank heavily because Gimp kept beating me at Madden.

After getting sloshed on the plane and spending much more money than planned, we took a party bus from Midway Airport in Chicago to South Bend. We made the bus driver pick up a cooler of beer and we kept drinking all the way through until it was time for the Pep Rally. Charlie Weis, Jimmy Clausen and Eric Olson (native New Yorker) all spoke and got everyone pumped. We had bad seats due to being late. Our cab driver got pulled over for an open alcohol container. I’m sorry, it was between my feet and I wasn’t throwing away a full beer. Go screw, Authority!

We then hit up the book store which has way too much swag. I dropped over a hundred bucks on Notre Dame apparel. Well spent. I didn’t grab a shot glass which I’m was mad about, but I’m over it. From the book store we went to The Gyro King and got some greasy food. Some kid was acting up so we (me and my 7 friends) chased him outside to beat the shit out of him, but he must have not been a smoker because he out ran us.

From there, it was time to get ready for the night life. I have a good friend on the lacrosse team, but he had gotten into some trouble and couldn’t bring us out. That selfish prick. At least he didn’t ask me for bail. We went to some of the local bars. I was shocked that you can buy cigarettes and smoke them inside. Not to mention there was a hookah at the last bar we went to.

“Linebackers” was really shitty. $5 cover charge with long lines and ugly women. The women in South Bend were not as impressive as I thought they would be. And supposedly Jimmy Clausen is a chubby chaser. I’ll have footage of that up within the next couple of weeks. So we left that place and headed home for bed. The bars close early everywhere except NY. I don’t know how you guys only stay out to 2AM.

Next day was early wake up call and a hike to the stadium for the game. We took some solid pictures and found Touchdown Jesus, the Golden Dome and Mike Golic cruising around on a golf cart with 3 hot pieces of tail. Tailgating was hard because we didn’t have a grill, chairs or a car. We just posted up against someone’s car with a cooler of beer and pretended like it was ours. We met Digger Phelps and got a picture with him. Then it was game time.

The game was awesome, the student section was loud. We didn’t have the best seats in the world but we had prime view for Michael Floyd’s insane 88 yard catch during the 35-0 rout of Nevada. Jimmy Clausen looked on target and the defense even stepped it up after that first drive. Perfect game to be at.

After this, we went back to the hotel to get ready. Headed back out to the bar scene. We went to The Blarney Stone or as the locals called it “Finnegan’s”. $15 pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea or Red Bull and Vodka. Sold. The common deal that was at every bar in South Bend seemed to be a $4 32 oz. beer. It was phenomenal. In NY that’d be like $27 or a kidney. Well, at Finnegan’s we saw something funny. Some tall dude who was obviously wasted started calling Chris Frome a faggot. Wrong move. Frome was about 6’4”, 250 lbs and manhandled the kid. Then a cop came in and put the other kid in a sleeper hold. Frome just bounced out.

Then I get a call from my boy Scott Rodgers (starting goalie from Notre Dame lacrosse) who said everyone from the team was at CJ’s. We took a cab there and it was insane. I met Luke Harangody from the basketball team. Then I talked to Sam Young, John Ryan, Braxton Cave, Golden Tait and Michael Floyd. They were all really cool guys but John Ryan and Sam Young were funner to hang out with. John Ryan bought me a lot of whiskey. Golden Tait was loving that we were from NY and kept screaming “NY IN THE HOUSE MOTHER FUCKERS!” After last call, I tried convincing everyone to go to Golic’s house because I wanted to be able to tell that story but a majority of the team just decided to leave with their respective whores. My buddy goes behind the bar and pours 15 shots for me and my 7 friends, Young, Paddy Mullen, Cave and Paul Duncan. It was all charged to Chris Stewart who apparently left his credit card at the bar. Amazing.

Then it was more beers at the hotel, beers when I woke up. A 4:00PM plane out of Chicago (5:00PM Eastern), which we rode first class. And now I’m about to keep drinking for a bit. I’ll have more to talk about later but I really just wanted to say how awesome it was to be in Notre Dame for the first time, come out with a win and then not see everyone act like douche bags at a bar.

Oh, and can anyone help me pick up all those names I just dropped?

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