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This Week in Comments, Mail, Hate and Love

September 5, 2009

Even he can do it.

Even he can do it.

This may not be the most original idea, but as long as people seem interested in it, it’s going to happen. Every Saturday we are going to highlight the best and worst of the previous week’s comments and emails. If there was a comment that you would like to see nominated, then email me here at the site. This week since it’s new I’ll do all the nominating and even though I think I might have the best comment of the week, gimp, logic and myself are disqualified. That doesn’t mean you can’t nominate us in the future, but for this week I’ll pick the best of the rest of you.

This week in Comments: Since this is the inaugural edition, I’m just going to go ahead and pick the best one. From the Last Call Post, well there’s actually two posts that are extremely worthy. Firstly there was a bit where we were talking about not eating the Chowder. Both Sculptor and Gimp posted nearly identical comments at the exact same time. First was Gimp with, “What, you thought it got that thick and creamy on its own? Psssh. It’s made with “love.”“, followed immediately by Sculptor with, “What, you thought the clam chowder was that thick and creamy on its own? pfft. It’s made with *love*.” So there you have it, we have great minds who think alike, twisted and disturbed, but alike.

The comment of the week 1a goes to magicsjohnson. In a conversation that he started about what’s worse, the combover or the skullet, he came up with this gem, “What about a merkin? Where does that rank in all of this? Worse yet, what about a pubic combover?.” Yes, that’s right. We started talking about pubic hair combovers. I say Bravo good sir.

Email of the Week: This is a spam message that I received on the site email. It makes no sense at all, and I have no idea how it’s supposed to generate them income. I know it’s spam, because like the messages for free ViAgR@ it was addressed to a completely different email, and the spelling/punctuation is all out of whack. But here goes,

robin jones to dnsyang

Hello my name is Dr Robin Jones,pls i need your services to play as the dj at my
daughter’s wedding coming up on Saturday 24th of October 2009 in
Phoenix.Pls i will like to know if you will be available for the
mentioned date?I will like to know your final
asking price for the event .Have a good day

How the hell is that supposed to make a spammer money? I don’t get it anymore, and now I’ve got spam bots sending me #FF love on Twitter.

Well that was your week in comments, emails, love and hate letters. See you next week for a hopefully expanded version

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  1. September 7, 2009 12:45 pm

    Funny, I’ve received the same email. It was directed to a DJ called DJ Von ( and the rest of us was in the bcc. After a short search I found this:

    I also can’t think of any way to get money out of this.



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