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Morning After Pill: Weekend Edition

September 5, 2009

Hey there Pearl Factories. Just because it’s the weekend, doesn’t mean that we’ll be taking it off. We here at The Gally Blog, are going to do our best to make sure that there is stuff here for you guys 7 days a week. The weekend posting may not be as extensive, and it may seem like we’re half assing it(because we are), but we will be here.

College Football: Well it’s not that surprising, but LeGarrette Blount got suspended for the year for going all punchy last night. This includes playoffs if they make them and effectively ends his career as he was in his second year after transferring from Junior College. He had 1002 yds rushing last year and a team record 17 TD’s. Thursday night he finished with -5 yds rushing, giving him a two year total of 997 yds. It’s okay though, the Raiders or the Bengals will still draft him. Tulsa whupped Tulane 37-13 but I could care less.

NFL: Brett Favre was fined $10,000 for trying to end Eugene Wilson’s career. Part of me thinks that if it were anybody else, the fine would have been bigger and a suspension might have been involved. Kevin Jones of the Bears will miss the season with a torn ligament in his knee.

MLB: Roy Halladay was Roy Halladay last night. He pitched his first career one hit shutout as the Jays beat the Yanks 6-0. Noted waste of skin, Jason Giambi, hit another clutch RBI for the Rockies after being called up from AAA. The Rockies beat the Diamondbacks 5-4 to keep a one game lead in the NL wildcard race.

Well, there was much more, but that’s all I care about for today. If you want me to do recaps on other sports/teams, let me know. I may do something about it, I may do nothing about it. It all depends on how much I hate your favorite team/player/sport.

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