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The Morning After

September 4, 2009

Uh…Baseball is still going on? Umm…Hey look a blue football field!


College Football
College football made it’s triumphant return last night. And by triumphant I mean slightly anticlimatic…Except for…Well I’ll get to that… 

The early game on ESPN saw Steve Spurrier’s *cough* Douche *cough* South Carolina Gamecocks snickers take on the Wolf Pack of N.C. State. Saying this game was boring would be putting it mildly. I’ve seen late term abortions with more appeal…Damn I’ve been talking with Logic too much lately. Regardless, the Cocks of Game took this one 7-3.

Utah and Utah State battled for the Mormons’ enjoyment last night, with Utah winning 35-17. It’s almost like back in the days of the Roman Coliseum. But instead of Romans it’s Mormons. And instead of fights to the death or being mauled by a lion, it’s just football.

The late game on ESPN saw Oregon taking on Boise State. You might remember Boise State as a potential BCS buster over the last few seasons, as well as having one of the most hideous football fields in America. Blue turf? Really? I guess it actually gives people a reason to be interested in Idaho, albeit just for the color of their turf. Hey Idaho is also known for having potatoes! Yes makes wanking off motion, and I am known for not giving a shit. Boise State controlled this game for 4 quarters and took the win with a 19-8 finish.

Boise State’s To Do list for the next week should look like, 1) Work on field goals, because kicker, Kyle Brotzman,  went 1/3 last night missing a 29 yarder, and 2) Hold on to the football. They lost 3 fumbles and it almost was more. 

Oregon’s To Do list should look something like this, 1-5) Get new uniforms (underlined and circled a bunch of times). That whole, tribal looking duck wings on the shoulders are as cool looking as chicks wearing Ugg boots in the summer time.

 Am I forgetting anything else? Hmmm….Oh yeah this happened too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Somebody is gonna to get suspended…Or signed by the Bengals….or maybe both. Hmmm..,

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  1. September 6, 2009 7:25 pm

    this kid in the pizza place in chicago wouldnt stop crying. i told his parents to have a 27th trimester abortion (hint: that means kill their son)

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