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September 3, 2009

That things full of acid right?

That things full of acid right?

Hey everybody, welcome to another weekday edition of Blogkakke. There was no Blogkakke yesterday as we hosted a successful Last Call, so Blogkakke was rolled into Last Call. If you have any tips, hints, advice, ideas, suggestions, love letters or good old fashioned hate mail our contact info is up at the top right, and there’s always the comments.

Musical Primer

You can’t not be pumped after Walk by Pantera. It’s impossible.

KSK: The always excellent Fantasy Football and Sex Mailbag.
Sports Illustrated: In a weird offseason, the Bucs have fired their Offensive Co-ordinator. He must have been pretty offensive.
Film Drunk: New Where the Wild things are footage.
The Layoff Beard: Sussman does a thought piece on the dumbing down of society.
Deadspin: Spencer Hall and Drew present the Haters guide to the NCAA top 25.
EDSBS: USC gouges away at other highlight videos.
Fox Sports: Jason Whitlock article about Erin Andrews going on Oprah turns into a quasi, pg rated comedy central roast of the sports media.

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