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Nightcap with Logic

August 31, 2009

So there has been some random news updates in sports today. I’m going to tackle a few so you can know what’s going on. Deal?

First up, Tedy Bruschi retired. That’s sad. He is a player who you can genuinely like even though people close to him call him a cockbag. He is tied for having the most Super Bowl appearances with 5. He’s a borderline Hall of Famer but with the way that the league is, he is a hero of the NFL. Especially when the heroes are Brett Favre, who is about to get lynched.

I’m trying not to cover any tennis at the US Open because I have been working my balls off there. Today, some of the stars played. Roger Federer embarrassed an 18 year old kid while Serena Williams dominated the woman she played against. This is a direct quote from a Born Again Christian at work “Anyone who watches Tennis has something wrong with them already. They are half of a fag. In the second life they will be feasted upon by vampires for an eternity”. So, I guess they got that going for them

The KC Chiefs fired their coordinator shortly after Matt Cassel went down with an MCL sprain and will miss 2-4 weeks.  It’s possible that he makes the start of the season with a miraculous effort. Or HGH. It’s his call though. Tyler Thigpen will back him up and God help the Chiefs.

Brad Penny was just picked up from the San Francisco Giants who seem to be grabbing any pitching they can right now. Even though they have 2 possible CY Young Award Winners on their team right now. That seems selfish. But it could work. I’m going to draft 15 QBs in our fantasy draft and just make trades. You think it’ll work?

Well I think that’s it that happened today. Andy Pettite flirted with a perfect game. The White Sox are going to shop some players around. Osi Umenyiora missed practice and Brett Favre played another preseason game. This is a boring month of sports and the beginning of the football season is highly anticipated.

Hopefully I’ll be back either later tonight with something worth reading or definitely tomorrow with a rant of some sort.

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  1. August 31, 2009 10:44 pm

    Worst part of the year, ever!

  2. September 1, 2009 3:10 pm

    I’ve given it some thought. I think Bruschi’s retirement is a good thing. Players and coaches can now focus on football and not worry about having to perform CPR…

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