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August 28, 2009

This looks normal to me

This looks normal to me

Hey Everybody. Are you excited? Around here we are. We have the inaugural Gally Blog blogger Fantasy Football competition.

I know everybody hates these guys, but I don’t. Sure, it may not be lyrically pleasing but you can’t deny that the song will pump you up! On to the links:

The Phoenix Pub: The Notorious MOB covers why Rocky Balboa is an underrated movie.
Blog Critics: Doktakra uses his Sacramento Kings homerism to show that there still is some good in the sports world.
KSK: Another excellent Captain Caveman edition of the Sex and Fantasy Football Mailbag.
Barking Carnival: Scipio Tex provides a very entertaining preview of the Texas A&M Football season.
Sports Pickle: According to a source, Brett Favre is the cause of the “jism” in the Vikings media room.
Sportress of Blogitude: Weed mocks St. Paul’s College and the pussification of college sports.
Michael Ian Black: Michael recounts how his vacation to Spain has been thus far.
Food Court Lunch: General Tao takes a look into the similarity between Canadian and German sports, and comes out convinced that we share a heritage.

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