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August 26, 2009

This is wrong on so many levels

For some of you it’s a somber day with Ted Kennedy having died. For the majority of you that are reading this you’re likely giving a dismissive hand wank. Maybe I deserve that. If you have any thing that you’d like to share with us, our contact info is up on the top right and then there’s always the comment section.

When German industrial metal bands sing in Spanish and include Latin influences, Purple Jesus saves a unicorn

GQ: A much better writer than me profiled Teddy K back in 1990. It’s a great read.
Guardian: The worlds first Cocaine bar. Hold on a sec, I’ll be right back.
Newsday: Yeah it’s a week old, but there’s only so many things that I can link to. Ken Davidoff Discusses the evolution of Baseball’s MVP
Style Points: Business Socks mulls the travesty that is the NFL’s preseason.
Avoiding The Drop: Adam takes us through how money is distributed over the Champions and Europa Leagues.
The Rookies: CoolHwhip talks about his experiences as a low on the depth chart QB for a University. It’s a very good read.
NBC: When cheated on by her husband, a woman creates a clever revenge plan instead of dumping him.
The Puck Doctors: A much less profane take on the Dany Heatley Saga then I would have done.

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