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August 25, 2009

Gotta stop the bloodflow somehow

Hey everybody! Well I’m a little pumped right now. We’re starting to make a little noise in our corner of the Interwebs. We had readers from all over the world yesterday, Greece, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Latin America and even Pakistan. Then there’s the guy from Belgium who keeps coming back every day. To you I say Bonjour and Merci. Of course I can’t forget you American and Canadian readers. If you have any questions, requests, tips or links for us then send me an email at ( or at @TheGallyBlog. Have a great day everyone.

That song sums up how pumped we are here.

Sportress of Blogitude: You’ve probably heard the news, but I like Weed’s take on Ichiro’s taste in women.
The Rookies: Andrew Bucholtz goes over the week that was and the week to come in the CFL(Canadian Football League to you Americans). It’s excellent as always.
Warming Glow: Ufford talks about the upcoming reality Steven Seagal Cop Show!
Fan Nation: Brett Favre is so amazing that there are locker room rumblings that some players prefer Tavaris Fucking Jackson?
ESPN: Yeah he can get wordy(11,000 words), he can be a bit pretentious, but Gregg Easterbrook does know a thing or two about football and put’s out an interesting and informative column.
The Phoenix Pub: lowercase discusses a realignment of MLB
Pro Football Talk: The NFL has gone a whole 2 days without a players arrest. Keep track of all shenanigans here.
Avoiding The Drop: Adam’s take on why Liverpool’s fans shouldn’t worry(too much)
Hail Mary Jane: houroc brings up a discussion on some very strange advertisements.

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