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Maybe Jeremy Shockey is a better lover than he is a fighter…

August 20, 2009

Based on my experience acting like a big and tough douche doesn’t always translate to actual fighting ability. Which is further evident by the above fight video involving Saints’ tight end Jeremy Shockey and Texans’ linebacker DeMarco Ryan. Shockey was either emotionally imbalanced after learning of Plaxico’s prison sentence or he felt that Ryan was getting a little too handsy.

Sure Ryan’s hands were a little suspect, but the fight was perpetuated by Shockey trying to show off that U (of Miami) swagger that you always hear so much about. Regardless, Ryan wasn’t having none of it as he shoved Shockey and then promptly reversed Shockey’s takedown attempt. Maybe Shockey should spend less time passing out from “dehydration” at Las Vegas hotels and talk to Matt Leinart and Jay Glazer about enrolling in some MMA training. Because quite frankly that was the saddest takedown attempt I’ve ever witnessed.

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