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August 20, 2009

Unsilent linked to that picture, I believe it was from a KSK commenter draft.

The Phoenix Pub: lowercase does a great preview of the Mountain West Conference. It’s informative.
KSK: Big Daddy Drew explains why Tony Dungy is being so nice to Mike Vick. It’s not at all what you might think.
Avoiding The Drop: thefuseprojects most recent Thursday afternoon challenge is pure evil.
Pro Football Talk: Michael Tunison offers up 5 football players that you’re not allowed to hate.
Sports Pickle: The Detroit Lions 1987 first round pick ends his contract holdout.
Wyoming Outdoors Radio: A gallery of Odd as they put it. A gallery of Fucking Awesome as I put it.
Warming Glow: If you never click on another link again, click this first before you become web celibate. I was going to do a post on this, but it’s not as fun when a better writer beats you to it.

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