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Who Knew Sesame Street Had a Dark Side

August 19, 2009

In all seriousness, this video is completely amazing. It has a catchy likeable song, and it has that cutesy factor going for it. There’s also the incredible nostalgia factor going for it, and has pretty much every Sesame Street character in it, including Kermit(who appeared on the show back in the early days.

But of course this video also has a seedy dark side to it.

It’s chock full of crazy deviant sex acts. Some of it is subtle, while some of it just jumps out and grabs you by the balls. There’s the foot fetish, with the large period of time devoted to his feet. Sex Toys, rubber duckie come on. Zoophillia/bestiality jumps out with him being naked with animals. There’s the massive orgy happening with the blatent voyeurism. Then there’s the pedophillia if you count Bert as a youngster and the news reporter as the older gentleman ala Herbert the pervert from Family Guy.

So in closing, is Sesame Street friend or foe? After all, we all watched the show as kids. Was it purposely messing with us, or is it all just a simple missunderstanding?

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