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Regarding Mushrooms

July 4, 2009

As I mentioned before, I was going to have guest writers come in from time to time. This guy I gave free reign to as he’s super creative, funny and I suppose you could say a minor celebrity (voice actors can be celebrities right?). I’ll leave it up to him to name himself, but enjoy our first Random Deviation.

It was a warm day, Canada day.

I remember walking away from this large downtown Vancouver building, the art gallery. The first bite was awful, the second worse; we choked them down and laid down the rules. “If we get nervous”, a voice said, “just remind us we’re safe”.


After a small jog in a fresh Yaris I stood in the entrance to my friends apartment, it was then I felt the fingers creeping inside my skull. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just present, they compelled me, guided me to the fresh produce lying on the counter. I remember picking up a beautiful Green Pepper, lifting it and drinking the scent in, all the smells of earth and flavour reaching my cerebrum in a dizzying moment of intense Passion.

It was then I realized that the spongey, earthy fungus I had ingested not twenty minutes prior had me fully in it’s grasp. I knew, absolutely, that my mind must stay with me, I must stay afloat here, for if I sink into the hallucinations and fears I will most certainly harbour deep resentment and regret towards this very special day. The most logical step at this point was to ground myself, standing wasn’t doing me any favors anymore, five steps to the couch.

I was there, however, I was comprehending all that was around me. Talking to my present friends, walking from place to place with the confidence of one who has been doing such for nearly eighteeen years. But it was as if a power was gifted to me, my mind could go away.

Upon lying down on the couch something caught my eye, the ceiling. A simple stucco pattern. Certainly nothing amazing, but then it began to dance. The stucco textures elongated and stretched toward my eyes like Stalagmites growing in time lapse. Then, slowly, the ceiling began to dance, swaying with the music. I remember thinking: “This isn’t happening.” But it was. What tells me it wasn’t. As the ceiling danced and breathed with me I continued to stare, all the while fully aware of my friends, my presence, my safety.

What seemed like hours later I looked away from the ceiling that had so captured my attention and I marked the rest of the room for the first time. Colours were no more spectacular as I’d been led to belive, nor were they any less spectacular. Just changed, seeing the world I fool myself into beliveing I know so well in new hues and textures was constant candy to my eye. With each passing moment I became more enthralled in this new-found world. Through whatever happenings our party moved outside, to visit nature. A walk through the wilderness that surrounds the better part of Vancouvers North Shore.

Here, away from the Ikea pastels, matte black couches and intense white stucco ceilings lies the natural world. My feet were as light as they’d ever been, I glided down pathways, my eyes in constant motion flowing from one object to the next, basking in the glory I had for years aknowledged but never seen. It was a strange thing to walk amongst trees in my altered state, the trees breathed, the roots grew beneith my feet, animals took refuge in every part of this wonderous place. I felt like a child, my facination grew with every step, every breath. While walking above a trickling creek a water spider danced amongst the rocks, skating on the surface tention, laughing as she went. Time didn’t matter anymore, perhaps that was due to being a young, free, happy soul on a warm Summer day in 2009, or perhaps time doesn’t matter at all.

The day drew to a close and, though the effects were far from completely vanished, I was returning to the plane of normality that dictates nearly every day of our time here. I wasn’t sad, that would be the wrong feeling, the wrong way to end such a day. I was curious now, the world had presented itself to me in a way that touched my soul, when I found the beauty and facination in the fabrication of a footbridge, the complexity of a spider web, when I heard the leaves breathing I had experienced a new kind of reality. I discovered something that day, our brains aren’t to be filled by any practical means, our power of perception spans the universe and beyond  our brain simply acts as a filter, for one must be prepared well in advance if their brains are to go that vast distance. Prepared and Safe.


A.Williams. 2009.

Gally Blog Vancouver Correspondent.

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