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July 3, 2009

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Hey all of you that come here every once in a blue moon. That turned into an extended vacation now didn’t it. I’m working on a few things, like an actual logo instead of the Bear you see at the top, and I’ve recruited a part time resident photoshopper. Since I’m all Canadian and what not, I’ll update with content over the weekend since I don’t have a National holiday to drink away(don’t worry I’ll still drink it away). Here are today’s worthy links.

Fail Button: Not a blog but not something worthy of an entire post. Makes me laugh.
Olivia Munn: On AOTS Shatner calls Olivia a whore, and promotes his Gonzo Ballet. Yeah that’s right.
NY Times: The making of Zach Galifianakis. So what if it’s from traditional media, it still counts.
27bslash6: The best kind of Monkey’s to have/employ.
The Rookies: 5 reasons to watch this year’s Tour de France.

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