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Post-Weekend Update

June 15, 2009

Well the weekend is over so it’s time for an… update? I hope I don’t get sued for using that generic phrase, although I’m more likely to be sued for the non generic image I used.

Lakers Win: So much for all that stuff we’ve been hearing about Kobe not being good at baseball basketball. I always get those two mixed up. He only has to win two more to match that MJ character, of course I mean Jordan not Jackson(Dick Joke removed due to Iran). Cheers to LA for it’s 15th*championship.
Penguins win: The Penguins of Pittsburgh won their 3d NHL Title, after defeating the Detroit Red Wings in game 7 in Detroit 2-1. They survived a late game surge to have Sidney Crosby become the youngest player to captain his team to the title. I will have more on this in a later post
Raul Ibanez: The 37 year old, who had never hit more than 33 HR in a season before, added his 22’d this weekend in his 60th game. That puts him on pace for a measly 59HR and 159 RBI this season. Not bad for a journeyman outfielder. I thought MLB tested for this stuff only Brett Favre could compete at a miraculous pace at sports retirement age.
Nicklas Lidstrom: So it appears there may be a reason he wasn’t at his peak in the finals/missed games in the conference finals.. He had testicular surgery. YEAH. If that’s me, I’m probably not skating any time soon. It appears we have an early appearance for manly (sports)man of the year.

*They won 4 in Minnesota before moving to LA….cheaters

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