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Iran Election

June 15, 2009


Hey Everybody, welcome to Monday. Well, the world is fucked, but you likely already knew that. This site is a general mish-mash of things, and doesn’t usually promise to be serious, but for this post at least I’ll make an exception. If you didn’t know, Iran just had a general election that announced that incumbent Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won 66% of the vote while opponent Mir-Hossein Mousavi received 33%.
“The European Union said it was “concerned about alleged irregularities” during the vote, and some analysts and journalists from United States and United Kingdom based media expressed doubts about the authenticity of the results”. According to some sources at NIAC, at one polling station, of the 70 ballot boxes received, 40 were open and all 40 announced Ahmadinejad as the winner.
The other 30… well, Mousavi was leading in all of them.
This has lead to rioting and revolt, which the authorities have taken personally. The dormitories of Tehran University were
attacked, when they protested the results of the election.
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My thought’s and prayers are with the Iranian civilians and I wish them the best. If there are any other major updates I will post them here.

Thanks to @petegaines for getting to word out to me.

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